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Today’s (very unexpected) photo comes courtesy of my cat Cleo. Yesterday, as I was working late in my office, I heard the familiar, low-toned ‘Mrrrrrooooow’ coming from the bottom of the front stairs.

“Damn” was my initial reaction. “What has she brought in now?”

And there she is, standing proud as can be over this sweet, little guy.

Happy Birthday, Mom!“, she beamed. (How did she know….??)

“Cleo’s Gift” (Wild Cottontail Baby Bunny – approximately 1 week old) Nikon D300, 28-70mm, 70mm, F5, 1/100s, ISO 400

I am beyond relieved to find he is unharmed, but devastated as to how young he is, knowing full well that if I cannot find the nest, I cannot simply put him back outside. His welfare is now my responsibility.

No luck on locating the nest or the momma so I settle him into a snuggly, towel-lined box for the night, knowing in the morning I can get him into the safe and capable hands of the wonderful wildlife rehabilitors at Danvers Animal Hospital.  They assure me he is just fine and that they will care for him and release him back into the wild when he is of age.

Surviving capture is more than enough to earn today’s photo spot!


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