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When I go out to shoot, I try to arrive with no preconceptions or expectations of what I will get. I tend to allow things to just happen, leaving myself open to the possibilities. What can I say? I like to be surprised. 🙂

Today’s adventure was a perfect example of this in practice. Now, I love my large-flower clematis vines. The blossoms never cease to amaze me!

One variety in particular called ‘Dr. Ruppel’ has enormous cotton candy pink blooms with a hot pink stripe down each petal. And, it is at peak bloom – sweet!

So, how does one of its really cool-looking buds end up being my favorite shot of the day??

It just does.

“The Doctor is In” (Large Flower Clematis ‘Dr. Ruppel’) Nikon D300, 28-70mm F/2.8D, 70mm, F/7.1, 1/320s, -1.0EV, ISO 250, SB900 TTL Flash w/Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud, -1.3EV


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