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Eveything is wet, wet and more wet! The ground is squishy under my feet as I walk the garden, my hands are chilled and my sneakers are already soaked. What a morning!

I am sad to find my beautiful peonies are all hanging low to the ground…their water-logged blooms succumbing to the weight. This going to be a tough photo day. 

Sooooo, I fill the many birdfeeders and put out the squirrel corn thinking, I should just pack it in. I mean, seriously, why bother on a day like this?

I continue with the garden chores (they have to be done) all the while desperately scanning for something to shoot. As a backup, the tripod and camera are already set up to photograph some foliage (ho-hum) but just then, I catch a break!

For a few moments, the yard brightens as the heavy cloudcover thins just enough to allow some very diffused sunlight to ignite what must be a million water droplets.

“Glisten” (Herbaceous Pink Peony, Unknown Heirloom Variety) Nikon D300, 200-400mm, 400mm, F/32, 1/6s, -0.3EV, ISO 640

It doesn’t last long but, I know I’ve got the shot. Sweet relief!



  1. Rain again?! We had some storms this morning, but thankfully they moved through quickly and it’s bright and sunny out now. (Sending some of that sunshine your way!)
    Glad you had the camera all set up and ready to go, because this is just beautiful. The lighting is perfect!

    • Ha! This is actually an older posting from last June (look at the original posting date) that I saw had a bad image (wasn’t showing) so I had to re-load it. I guess that means those who are on the ‘notify me of new posts list’ get notified! Ooops!

      But, thanks! 🙂

      • LOL I didn’t even see that! It shows up as a new post in google reader. And with all the rain you’ve had lately, I didn’t think twice about… I was just hoping it wasn’t your BRAND NEW sneakers getting soaked.

      • LOL! No worries…new sneaks are high and dry!

        But just LOOK at all the great images you’ve missed! Methinks you need to go back and start from the begining! 🙂

  2. How is it you have peonies already? Mine are still just foliage on short-ish stalks… Lucky you — beauty!

    • Mine aren’t! This is an image from last June that I saw was having some issues so I had to re-load it. Still one of my favorites tho! I do have buds on my tree peonies so they will ‘pop’ soon!

      Thanks for the comment, Chris! 🙂

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