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Why is it, like children, animals seem to do the cutest things when we aren’t prepared?

It’s my own fault, really. I got lazy. Woke up to another, overcast, blah spring day and I didn’t want to haul out the big lens, again. “I’ll just scope out the wildlife,” I thought, as I grab my 28-70mm telephoto.

“Could You Spare a Nut?” (Eastern Grey Squirrel) Nikon D300, 28-70mm, 70mm, F3.2, 1/125s, ISO 1600

So I’m there in the cold and damp when this squirrel shows up and he’s really interested in what I am doing. And, he’s just sitting there, holding the same pose as if to say, “Bet you wish you had a different lens, eh?”

Sigh. The light is miserable and he isn’t all that close. I can only do what I can with what I’ve got so I crank up the ISO, max out my zoom and snap a few frames. And then he’s gone. What you are seeing is a highly cropped version of the original shot.

Now, from a technical standpoint, the image is not even close to the standards I aim to achieve but artistically speaking, I actually like the soft watercolor effect of his fur (a result of the shallow depth of field and high ISO) and you just can’t beat his posture and attitude. It’s the stuff we wildlife photographers live for!

I got it. Lesson learned.

Until we meet again, Mr. Squirrel……


One Comment

  1. Hi Tracy,

    I really, really am enjoying your daily photos and comments. I may be a bit biased but who knew I would have such a brilliant daughter. Love and Kisses

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