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Okay. Today was just too cool.

Held our Spring Open Studio from 10am – 1:30pm (met some nice folks and were visited by some repeat customers – always a good thing!) and after packing away the art, tent, tables and bins, me and the hubs were kicking back poolside, just enjoying the sunshine.

A flap of wings in the distant trees….and, (gasp!) there…it…IS….

“If Looks Could Kill” (Red Tailed Hawk) Nikon D300, 850 mm (600mm w/1.4x telecoverter), F/5.6, 1/50s, ISO 400

The largest Red-Tailed Hawk is sitting on a low branch approximately 80 yards away!


Working quickly, I scoped out a shooting location while Jim made a mad dash to the house for the tripod and camera.

At first, we started out with the 200-400mm telephoto, but quickly realized, this was a job for the BIG GUN.  Sooooo, another run to the house for the 600mm, all the while quietly chanting, “please, don’t fly away, please, don’t fly away, PLEASE DON’T FLY AWAY…!”

12 minutes of total shooting time passed in a split second and felt like pure heaven.

I love days like this!



  1. Love the picture of the hawk. Of course my impression of what he is thinking is -“What are those idiots runnning around like that for????”

    Love & Kisses

  2. VERY cool! This is another shot I’ve longed to take. I hear the eerie call of birds of prey flying overhead when I sit out in the backyard and I wish for one to land somewhere I could get the shot. I’m not sure if it is a hawk or a falcon that I see regularly here, but I’m fairly certain about a week ago I witnessed an eagle circling high above. It was much higher than any other bird in the sky with a brown body and a white head!

    • Thank you, Karma! We have so many hawks in our area now (bad for critters, good for photography). One day, I walked into my sunroom and looked out the back door and the hawk was sitting right there on the deck railing! No camera of course and, if I recall, I let out some sort of surprised screech when I saw it and it promptly flew off. They are amazing creatures!

      WOW! To see a wild eagle would be incredible! This week, a neighbor two houses down told us about a screech owl that lives in one of his trees. I am hoping to use my brand new binoculars to see if I can find it!

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