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No denying it, I’m what you’d call a ‘detail person’. That is why I really love macro (close-up) photography. It forces you to pay attention to the details. Mother Nature devotes so much energy into even the smallest of things and most often, they go unnoticed. Sad, isn’t it?

Take, for example, the flowers of Old Fashioned Weigela.

(Weigelia) Nikon D300, 400mm, F/5.6, 1/250s, -0.3EV, ISO 400

"Blushing Belles" (Weigela florida) Nikon D300, 400mm, F/5.6, 1/250s, -0.3EV, ISO 400

Every year this large flowering shrub puts on quite a show with its abundance of arched branches laden down with hundreds of small, bell-shaped blossoms. No doubt, at first glance you think, “pretty pink flowers” and simply, leave it at that.

It’s only when you get up close, really close, that you realize they aren’t just pink but rather, pink and white, with a stripe of orange along the inside bottom. Why does Mother Nature bother on such a small flower? Well, I surmise, it is details just like this that attract the right insects to insure pollination, and therefore, survival of this plant. (The fact that those same details equate to “pretty” is purely a bonus!)

Pretty smart gal that Mother Nature…



  1. Macro is the BEST!! 🙂
    I think we had one of these shrubs when we first moved into this house, It was soo pretty! But then we had to have some foundation work done and they RIPPED IT OUT because it was in the way 😦
    I’m sure Greg told them it was OK, and it never occured to him to DIG it out and either transplant it or put it back later. MEN!!

    • Preachin’ to the choir, Michaela!!! LOVE Macro!!

      Ugh! Yeah, I don’t ever leave those decisions up to contractors. When we had the siding done, I pulled a whole section of plants out and put them in pots so they wouldn’t get destroyed in the process. Then, when it was all done, we put them back. (Also provided the opportunity to change the layout of the plants which is always a plus!)

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