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The color of this ivy geranium is quite striking. While most geraniums fall into shades of pink, red, lavendar, coral, and white, the velvet petals of ‘Pelfi Black Magic’ are deep maroon to almost plum black. I imagine it’s kinda like what happens when geraniums take a Las Vegas vacation!

Velvet Dreams

“Velvet Dreams” (Ivy Geranium, ‘Pelfi Black Magic’), Nikon D300, 380mm, F/8, 1/80s, -1.0EV, ISO 640

Now, I don’t normally photograph flowers on a light background, but in this case, it works! 

Viva Las Vegas, baby!


  1. ooh, don’t think I’ve seen this color before. When you were in WMASS did you ever make it over to 16 Acres Gardens in Springfield? They have quite the beautiful variety of geraniums in their greenhouse. How can your hubby not like these?

    • Like marigolds, I typically don’t buy geraniums (hubby thinks they are ‘cemetery flowers’). 😉

      BUT, I just couldn’t resist THIS one! They really did look like velvet and the color – damn, it was awesome!

      When I lived in the 413, I wasn’t much of a gardener, so I didn’t go to 16 Acres. My mom and sis (who still live in Chicopee) do go all the time and they tell me how nice a nursery it is.

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