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Many things bring back memories of my mémère…crêpes rolled with sugar and maple-flavored syrup, molasses cookies (her recipe), the ‘Aba daba honeymoon’ song and jigsaw puzzles…but normally, a rainy saturday wouldn’t. Unless, the stormy weather is due to a nor’easter that happens to share her name. 


"Ida" (Rose) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G macro, F/4, 1/200, -0.7EV, ISO 400

My mémère has been gone for twenty years, but yet, I can still picture her sweet face with pink cheeks and easy smile. She gave the best back scratches (the kind that could lull you to sleep on the spot) in exchange for foot rubs and could always be counted on for a wint-O-green lifesaver. 

She wouldn’t dream of wearing pants (‘ladies wear skirts and stockings’) and dressing ‘down’ only meant she was girdle-free. She loved frozen treats and it wasn’t uncommon to find her in the evening watching Merv Griffin with a half gallon of fudge ripple in her lap and a spoon (‘why waste a dish for just me?’). We also used to get such a chuckle when she’d offer us kids a treat and, inevitably, one of us would end up with a fudgsicle with a bite or two taken out of it. (‘That’s all I wanted’, she’d say).

She lived by herself into her early 80’s but was rarely alone as a large extended family thought nothing of popping in unannounced for a visit. Her home was the place to be at the holidays because everyone, and I mean everyone, would be there. And she’d be ready, with her 4′ faux tree in the diningroom window, a dish of Andes mints, a handwritten card for each of the grandchildren containing two crisp dollar bills, plenty of molasses cookies and glasses of ginger ale.

I miss those days and today, I miss my mémère.



  1. What a lovely post! It is so unusual to hear others speak about their Memieres! My Mother is Memiere to my children as well, and it is a tradition I hope they continue with their own children. It helps us retain our French Canadian roots, as do the Christmas meat pies made from my Grand-Memiere’s recipe. 🙂
    Very beautiful photo as well…I have a thing for flowers done in black and white. So glad we found each others homes on the web. 🙂

    • I miss her all the time but am so grateful for the things she taught me and that I can be taken back in an instant by simply bakin ga batch of molasses cookies. Thank you , KD! I agree! 🙂

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