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“Darla” (Golden Labrador Puppy, 3 Months Old) Nikon D300, 70mm, F/13, 1/640s, -0.7E, ISO 500

Crouching on the beach with camera in hand is apparently the international symbol to dogs for “come see what I’m doing!”

There I was, minding my own business, when my shooting was interrupted by shouts of “No, Darla! Come back here!”  When I looked up, this energetic Golden Labrador puppy was bounding over to me, followed by her (apologetic) human parents. I assured them, Darla was just fine and she and I exchanged the normal human-to-dog pleasantries. The interaction didn’t last long as, being a puppy, Darla’s short attention span was quickly caught by something else and she was off and running once again.

Next up were a pack of dogs out for a walk with their dog walker. The first to approach (and quickly – too quickly for photographs) was a very large boxer, followed by the sweetest chihuahua named Diesel. With my chances for photographing the sea gulls gone, (dogs running along the beach are definitely a sea gull deterrent), I spent some time chatting with the dog walker and meeting all the dogs.

“Suess”, a lovely German Shepherd was sitting a distance away in a picture-perfect pose.

Once the group left, I couldn’t help noticing one lone dog, sloooowly making her way down the beach. I shouted to the dog walker “I think you’ve forgotten one!” and she yelled back, “That’s just Susie. She’ll come along.”

“Susie” (Pit Bull, 12 Years Old) Nikon D300, 105mm, F/10, 1/640s, -0.7EV, ISO 500

Turns out, the pack would eventually make their way back in my direction about the same time it took the older Pit Bull to catch up. I exchanged cards with the dog walker and promised to forward any photos of the dogs that came out well (I did, and she loved them all and said she’d keep me in mind for future work).


Who knew a day at the beach could turn into a promotional op??


  1. You are correct, crouching with a camera is certainly the symbol for dogs to come and see what you are doing. As the owner of two, I can attest to that! I am absolutely taken with your golden retriever puppy picture! Goldens were my first love when it came to dogs ( I have a nearly 5-year-old one) and that photo is so beautiful – you’ve so perfectly captured the golden retriever spirit.

    • Ha! Being a cat person (although, I do like dogs, too, just don’t have any) I find it so funny that dogs just seem to HAVE to come over and see what I’m doing! Once, I almost got knocked over by a very rambunctious Golden Retriever! (You should have seen the look on the dog owners’ faces, followed of course by a barrage of apologies!)

      This little golden was so cute and full of energy! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hello Milkay,

    I am “Cat & Dog” person ! (And all others animals 😉 )

    I read your comment: “a very large boxer, followed by the sweetest chihuahua named Diesel”.
    I like to see this picture…
    The contrast of these two dogs must to by very humoristic !

    Susie touching me…

    Thanks for your soo very beautiful pics….and your blog is very sympatic.

    Have a nice day,
    (Sorry for my “bad english”…i’m debutant to write !)

    • Thank you, Anne! I’m an ‘all animals’ person, too. 🙂

      Sorry, no shot of the boxer and the chihuahua! At the time, I was too concerned about being mowed down!

      Thanks for visiting!

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