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One Chickadee Sitting

“One Chickadee Sitting” (Black-capped Chickadee) Nikon D300, 400mm, F/4, 1/160s, ISO 640

While the weather is “warm” I’ve been determined to get outside with my larger lens to capture whatever wildlife has decided to hang about the yard. 

The squirrels were in numbers (again) but I really wanted to concentrate on the birds today, and specifically, the Chickadees. 

These little guys are tough to catch in one spot! Especially when they are well aware of a certain feline creeping around (yes, Cleo is enjoying these warm days as well). 

Here is the best shot of the day.



  1. Great picture I really enjoy photographing these little birds myself…Funny thing about it for a week or so I had a Chickadee coming to my feeders that didn’t have a tail! He looked so funny as he flew around my yard..

    • Hey, thanks Matt! So glad you stopped by! Oh my! I hope you got a photo of that little guy! If you did, please send me a link so I can see too!

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