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It began snowing last night at 10:00 pm and hasn’t stopped! It’s the light, dusting kind, coating everything from top to bottom in a layer of white. 

Just after noon-time, we took a ride over to Dane Street Beach to check out the high tide, thinking the crashing waves in the storm would make a great photograph. 

The waves were impressive, but what caught my eye most were the snow-covered trees at the far end of the beach. So off I went, trekking along the sand and over the snow-covered rocks, my tripod and camera in tow. 

"Winter Outlook" (Winter View from Dane Street Beach) Nikon D300, 60mm, F/9, 1/500s, ISO 640

I’ve always been a fan of Ansel Adams’ work and somehow, I think he’d be very proud of this shot!



  1. Really excellent composition. Nice work.

  2. Great shot. I love this kind of pictures.

    Your photos are amazing.

    • You are very kind. Trust me, not all of them are quite this good and there are certainly days where I wish I didn’t have to post! 🙂

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