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Normally, I wouldn’t have easy access to this private beach but being extremely low tide, it was a fairly short hike over from Lynch Park. Not much activity to be found so I decided to have a little fun with my fisheye lens.

I definitely need more practice with this technique, but seeing as the temps were freezing, I was shooting into the sun and snow clouds were fast approaching, I did the best I could!

“The Dead of Winter” (Close-up of Clam Shell at Rice Beach, Beverly) Nikon D300, 10.5mm F/2.8G Fisheye, F/16, 1/800s, +0.7EV, ISO 320, SB900 w/Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud, +2.0EV

Sometimes, I wish another photog was around to capture me in the process – belly side down, flat-out on the sand, as close to this shell as humanly possible, all the while trying to keep the horizon line dead center of the lens!

On second thought, good thing there wasn’t! 🙂



  1. you need more practice? You did the best you could? I beg to differ.

    Your shots are simply amazing and this one is no exception. I love it.

    • Thanks, Juan!

      As you follow this blog you will see that I am my toughest critic. I also have severe “left-brain-verus-right-brain” conflicts where one technical flaw (as I see it) in an image can cause me to seriously doubt the entire work. Thank goodness I have a supportive husband who has no issue in telling me (1), when I’m being ridiculous, (2) that I’m crazy and, (3) publish the damn thing! 🙂

  2. Lovely clam’s eye view.

  3. Gorgeous.
    You make me want to go out and buy a fish-eye lens and experiment.

    • Thanks, Angel. They are a fun lens to have indeed and I often look for situations where I can use it. The hardest thing about them? Weeeell, since they include 180 degrees of view, you have to be careful NOT to get your feet in the shot!

  4. To be honest, I don’t get fisheye lenses, for the most part. But then I come across a shot like this and think, ahhh, me likey da fisheye. 🙂

    This is another outstanding photo. You’ve got an excellent (fish)eye for these shots.

    • At first, I didn’t either. You really need the right scene to make them shine. And, you have to have lots of room because it is amazing what gets included!

  5. I like this image Tracy. It is almost another world when you see it through an ultra wide angle lens.
    I’m glad I found your blog and will come back here.

  6. Normally I am not a fan of fish-eye shots, but this is stunning. For doing “the best you could” this is just beautiful.

    • You are very kind! Thanks! I’m usually not a fan either, but I’ve used the fisheye now a few times with pretty cool results so it is something I make sure I take out and play with every now and again. Really good at breaking up the monotony! 🙂

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