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Here is one of those images that gets taken on sort of a whim, when the right side of my brain pulls me over to a specific spot before the left side can interject.

"Go With The Flow" (Water Flowing Through Stones) Nikon D300, 105mm, F/11, 1/60s, ISO 500

I didn’t think much more about it until I saw it on-screen. Boom! It’s a winner!



  1. It looks so good to see water flowing, instead of frozen. I saw some today too. Nice composition.

    • Thanks, Lynn! Glad to hear you got outside today as well while it was, ahem, “warm“. I’m a little scared of what the weekend will bring!

  2. Very cool!

    I must be hungry… to me, the round stone(?) looks like a pizza, and the one on the bottom right looks like a toasted slice of sandwich…

    • Ha! Thanks Juan! I hope you got something to eat! 🙂

      The round “stone” is some sort of concrete drain cap – no idea how it got its lovely plum color!

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