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Wandering around the Japan Pavilion at Epcot, you cannot help but take notice of the gorgeous Japanese hillside garden layered with rocks, waterfalls, flowering trees and shrubs, lanterns, shishi-odoshi fountains, pebble-lined pools, foot paths and rustic bridges.

However, hands down, my favorite element is the large pond located at the very bottom which is home to a great number of colorful Koi.

“Kin Matsuba” (Koi at Japan Pavilion, EPCoT), Nikon D300, 200mm, F/9, 1/160s, +0.7EV, ISO 640

This day the carp were in a bit of a frenzy over some popcorn tossed in by a young boy. Now, I doubt popcorn is on their recommended dietary list, but it did make for some good photography! 🙂


  1. What a brilliant photo! I have tried taking fish photos before but have troubles with the refections off the water, sky shadows etc, most of the time the fish is bearly visable. Your photo by contast is crystal clear and the colour is excellent. Well done!

    • Thank you Birgitte! Believe me, I took LOTS of photos of the Koi in the hopes that something would turn out. It helped when the fish were slightly out of the water, otherwise, like you, they seemed a bit blurred. I did bump up contrast a bit in post to push the details forward.

  2. My girls could spend HOURS at that pond (or ANY pond, or fountain for that matter).
    Great capture!

  3. Wow! AMAZING shot! 😀

  4. Fantastic capture. Koi are fun. If you shoot enough, when you get home and look at them some interesting compositions emerge. I love what you did with this one.

    • Thanks so much, Bob! I took quite a few photos of the Koi that day and I agree, some will make very cool abstracts just on color and form alone. This particular shot won me over for the bubbles…just that little extra something. Thanks for stopping by and commenting – very much appreciated! 🙂

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