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I’m not even gonna pretend that I am the least bit happy about yesterday’s heavy, wet, sloppy snowstorm!     

For the THIRD time in 11 years, a 75-foot tall tree NOT on our property has fallen under the weight of the snow, crushing a section of our chain-link fence.  


This tree is (was) on city property and is (was) the second half of one that fell a few years back, damaging, of course, a different section of fencing. (And, when the city finally came to remove that tree, I suggested they take down the whole thing fearing the inevitable. Let’s say my request fell on deaf ears).  

Double aaaaaarrgh!    

So to maintain what little sanity I have left, I am going to my “happy place” where the only thing I see frozen is this:

“Frozen Sunshine” (Ice Cream Soda at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, Beach Club Resort, WDW) Nikon D300, 200mm, F/5.6, 1/20s, ISO 400

 Yum! 🙂  


**02/19/2010 Update**: The city’s Forestry Services showed up today and gave me a whole lotta hoopla about how “we aren’t really responsible for natural forest areas” (the tree is on a public elementary school’s property, albeit in the wilder perimeter areas, but huh?) and “all we can do is cut up what is on the fence and toss it over“. Sigh.  

My taxes pay their salaries and they make me feel like they are doing me a favor??! Geesh! At the very least (and I mean least), they did clean up what was on the fence and our property but left the 75 feet or so of downed tree trunk and branches on the other side. There is definitely damage to plantings but won’t really know the extent until all this %!^@*/$ snow is gone! Then, there is the fence where one complete section of railing is toast and it will be an adventure setting that right, I’m sure. With all the other questionable-looking trees still standing, I suspect this will be an ongoing battle.  

To be continued…  




  1. Ugh! Sorry to hear about your fence. It’s lucky you have a happy place you can go to, though… Although, you might need the real deal (or an acceptable substitute) to get you through this one. I’m talking non-digital, no pixels involved, hold-it-in-your-hands, extra hot fudge, chance of brain freeze, long spoon, three scoops, all-dairy frozen goodness… with a cherry on top!

    • Thanks, Christine! I agree with all that you said along with extra marshmallow topping, oreo cookies, a can of whipped cream and lots o’ rainbow sprinkles!! 😀

  2. that must be so annoying.
    Oh yeah arghh. lol
    That looks tasty

    • Yeah, it has been one helluva day and I just got other (non-related) bad news! Sigh. I am gonna need a larger tub of ice cream….

  3. Sorry about the tree falling. At least it didn’t hit your house or injure anyone. For once I did think this last snow was very pretty. The only negative things for me though were sore achy muscles from shoveling the heavy wet snow.

    • Thanks, Lynn. I agree – the trees seem to gun for our fence instead of the sheds or our neighbor’s garage. It’s just that, after happening for third time, it is tough to take! Plus, I am not sure what plantings it has damaged as I cannot move the heavy limbs to see if things are okay underneath (the fence is by a fairly new garden bed that we added new trees and shrubs to late last summer). I was stunned I could move today after shovelling our 2-car driveway by myself. (To make matters worse, hubby is in Scotland for the week). It’s much easier handling lifes curves when the other half is present. 😦

  4. Opportunities.

    They present themselves under the strangest of circumstances …..

    • Interesting way of looking at it Rupe. Right now, I’d like a little less “opportunity” from Mother Nature! 🙂

  5. Hey!!! You can’t post another pic of a yummy dessert! That’s OK, I’ll get you back sooner or later 😉

    So sorry to hear about the fence, hope the plantings are OK.

    • Ha! You know, Michaela, I post them just for you! Thanks! No word from the city yet…surprise, surprise…

  6. I’m sorry about your fence. But this looks tasty. What’s that fruit there on top of it? I wanna eat it. Can I eat it? I want to eat it. LOL

    • Thanks, Babs. It is tasty! Sort of like a liquid Creamsicle (an American thing which simply means a combination of orange and vanilla flavors). The “fruit” on top are sugar-coated jellie orange-flavored candies.

      • Really? I was thinking it was an apricot. I LOVE jellies! 😀

      • Really, really. Funny, so does my hubby so I gave all mine to him. 🙂

  7. Better the fence than a house, eh?

    Did you see anyone get the Kitchen Sink while you were at Beaches and Cream? BTW, B&C makes the best burgers at Walt Disney World.

    • Yeah, I’d take the fence over the house anyday (but don’t let Mother Nature hear that cuz I’m sure she loves a challenge). Yes, we’ve seen the kitchen sink many times at B&C and this trip was no exception. We sat at the counter and watched them put one together for a family of four. We didn’t stick around to see if they were able to finish the beast (I doubt it). I agree – the very BEST burgers on property! We split a double cheeseburger and fries along with the Frozen Sunshine. Man, I wish I was back there! 🙂

  8. Yummy!

    Sorry to hear about your fence… but yeah, I think your request fell on deaf ears. I hope at least they pay for the damage caused by their tree.

    • Ha! You must be naive in the ways of city politics…I might get them to remove the tree but they will never pay to fix the fence. I am still waiting for them to make good on the work order we submitted for the damage caused by the last tree! (which we ended up fixing ourselves once we realized that was never gonna happen). 🙂

  9. Gosh almighty, I can’t believe it has happened again. Maybe you should forgo replacing the fence till all the trees are gone. How come you didn’t bring me home any of that yummy looking desert. I feel totally deprived – or is that depraved. LOL

    • When the city comes to take a look (we are playing phonge tag, but at least they responded!), I will be sure to point out all the other questionable specimens that they should consider removing. Not sure why Mother Nature has it in for this fence! Damage doesn’t appear to be too bad and we actually have a spare top rail (the part that is severely bent) from the last time. The chain part typically can be pulled up without too much difficulty. As far as the ice cream soda goes, I don’t think it would have survived the trip too well. Just go get yourself a Creamsicle and you’ll be all set! 🙂

  10. GREAT food photography! A little dessert will always help with the falling tree issues and such.

    • Thanks, Bob! Always nice to see a new face on the blog! 🙂 Going to go check out your site!

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