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Last night’s storm was fierce! The winds were pretty scary at times (gusting up to 67 mph!) and driving around today, I saw considerable damage to property, power lines, trees, fences and signs. Tree crews are working all over the city to clean up the damage. It’s a mess out there! 

In addition to wind damage, there is flooding everywhere. (Sump pumps are working overtime, for sure). At one house, their front lawn looked like a pond! And, yes, if ducks had been swimming in it, I wouldhave taken a photo. 🙂 

“Drain-O” (Water Drain in Stone Wall, Lynch Park) Nikon D300, 70mm, F/10, 1/60s, ISO 250

Not wanting to deal with all the mayhem, I headed over to Lynch Park to watch the waves. And watch was pretty much all I could do as the rough surf and wind made it too treacherous for me to attempt any real photography. Shame, the waves were incredible. 

So, I continued to walk around the park and came upon a drain in a stone wall that usually puts out little more than a trickle. 

Not today… 🙂


  1. That sounds like scary weather! Crossing my fingers that the storm will move on and you see calmer, brighter days.

    Great subject you found, and so many ways to shoot it! (Did you?) Seeing this makes me want to climb on top of that wall, assuming it’s possible, and shoot down at the water hitting the rocks.

    • It was! Very scary, indeed! I had to update the post because I just saw the news and our winds gusted to 67mph! I believe it! We got 3.2″ of rain! If that were snow, it would have been 67″ of snow – holy cow!

      Sadly, it is raining again. We just can’t cut a break. 😦

      Thank you for your comments! I much like the title myself. 😉 I did shoot it from a bunch of angles, but I can’t from up above since the wall isn’t that wide and it has a chain-link fence on it at that point. I run into that all the time here it seems…I see amazing potential in subjects but there will be just crap all around it. Sucks!

      • 3.2 inches is nothing… I remember a day in (March?) 2008 when we got 5 inches in eight hours, and a total of 6.5 inches in 24 hours.

        Rain, rain, GO AWAY!!
        Oh, and wouldn’t it have been 32 inches of snow?

  2. I am so jealous. I’ve been stuck at work all day and all I wanted to do is go to the beach to see the waves.

    • I think you’ll have an opportunity tomorrow as this storm seems to be not going anywhere…

  3. Nice subject. I’m looking for simple subjects this weekend. If it stops snowing that is.

    The storm is just sitting off the east coast near Long Island according to the TV weatherman. He did say it is not as strong as it was. If that helps.

    • Thanks, Scott. Where are you located? The winds certainly have disbanded but the flooding is what is the issue now. If the weather isn’t too bad tomorrow I hope to check out the waves again. Maybe this time, I’ll be able to capture something!

  4. I was just watching the news, and saw the wild weather you’ve been having… Sounds like you guys really got the brunt of this storm up there! Hope you are keeping dry!

    • It WAS wild (tho Gloucestor really got slammed – 91 mph wind gusts!. Yes, we are dry thanks to an awesome sump pump system (best money ever spent).

      As far as Michaela’s mathematical question…I was just quoting what they said on the news: 3.2 inches of rain = 67 inches of snow. I’m no meteorologist, but, I imagine the calculation isn’t straightforward and has many factors to it! 🙂 And, Mother Nature must have heard Micheala’s ‘rain, rain go away’ mantra because, this morning, she has sent SNOW!! Arrgh!

  5. Wow it sounds like these was a lot of damage in the area, flooding is the pits because it usually involves so much work to clean up and does so much damage. I hope that no one was hurt. Nature often gives us some beautiful photos after some wild weather, this photo is no exception. Wonderful textural qualities.

    • As far as I know, no one was hurt. There were houses damaged by falling trees (saw on the news). For us, it is just a mess of branches in the yard that we won’t get to clean up until spring. Thank you for your comments on the post! I wanted to find a subject that would tie in what was happening here without being too literal. If I were better at editorial photos, I suppose I could have posted the downed trees. I shot some, but it simply isn’t my style and I always think ‘yuck‘ when I look at them! However, they will get filed into the 2010 Feb Storm folder for posterity’s sake! 🙂

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