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It only took one tree to take out the power… 

"Night Moves" (Electrical Repair Workers & Trucks, Multiple Exposures) Nikon D300, 18mm, F/11, 6s, ISO 200, Silver Efex Pro B/W Filter


  1. The worker on the right looks like a ghost… so how many workers DOES it take to fix a powerline? seven? eight? more… ? (hopefully they work lightening fast!)

    • Yes, that is what I love about combining multiple exposures! The shutter speed was 6 seconds, so one of the workers had moved during the duration, resulting in his “ghostlike” appearance. I think there were 4 workers total – two down, two up. But I am not sure. It took them a good 45 minutes to fix the power. When it was all said and done, I am sure my neighbor was appreciative!

  2. I noticed the “ghost” right away, but in a good way.
    Did you lose power at all? (I hope not!)
    I remember a storm 2 or 3 years ago that knocked a huge branch off the tree across the street and literally missed my car (parked in frnt of the house) by a couple of inches! We did lose power, but that particular branch wasn’t the cause.

    • We had lots of downed branches all over the yard and one very large one did manage to fall through the chainlink fence, damaging it in a different section than the storm a few weeks back. (Arrrgh!) However, we did not lose power (phew!). Our neighbor across the street, two doors down, had a HUGE Scotch Pine tree fall (it was completely uprooted, barely missing his house) but it ripped the power lines right off of the pole on the way down. He was out of power from Thursday night until late last night. This is the crew that put him back on the grid.

      • Wow! I hate storms like that! Your neighbor was very lucky! Sorry to hear about your fence (got your e-mail, will reply tomorrow 🙂 )

  3. Looks like Photojournalism to me.

  4. Really great shot, Tracy. I love black & white but can’t get anything like this with my camera. Nicely done.

    I notice you mention a pro b/w filter in your exif info, tracy. Is this a filter that fits over the lens to create black & white shot or something, or a filter in Photoshop?

    • Thanks, Dave. I shot several exposures in color and converted to B/W in Photoshop using a plug-in by Nik Software called Silver Efex Pro. (I have the Color Efex Pro filter set as well). I’ve been pretty happy with the results. Each filter has options within which make them really useful. Your black & white images are lovely!

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