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“Chain Gang” (Rubber Tires, Child’s Play Structure) Playground Series (#1), Nikon D300, 80mm, F/6.3, 1/200s, ISO 400, ‘Old West’ Toning Action

With no flowers or critters in sight, I find myself looking at more urban themes lately. 

The large play structure at Lynch Park has certainly seen better days. I’m not sure what wreaks more havoc on the wood and metal – the combined elements of water, wind and salt or the hordes of children who climb on, up, over and through?

Already full of lovely rusted charm, this image received an interesting finish called ‘Old West’ from a neat Photoshop Action Set I downloaded from Pioneer Woman Photography.

Good stuff there. Check it out! 🙂


  1. I heard there was some good stuff over there…! 😉

    Nice shot — makes me think I should take a walk down to our neighborhood park. Just as soon as it stops raining. Or snowing. Or sleeting…

    • Yes, a little CM bird told me… 😉 Thanks, Christine! You should! And maybe, just maybe, you can get an action shot of your kids playing!

  2. Love the old west colours, Tracy. The shot’s really great.

    • Thank you, Dave. I’m thinking of doing a ‘playground’ series all in this tone. I think it could be really interesting.

      • Yeah, for sure. This tone really works nicely here.

  3. Great shot and lovely colors! I use Ree’s actions on all my photos, they’re fantastic! My favourite is the 70s one.

    • Thank you, Kristina! Yes, the actions are wonderful! I am loving the ‘Old West’ one right now but I’m sure at some point, I will try them all!

  4. Great shot, Tracy! Hope you get some flowers popping up soon, though.

    • Thank you, Michaela! Ha! I hope so to, but, but not likely as it is snowing (again!) today!

  5. Wonderful photograph! I love the composition and the textures and shapes. With the symmetry thrown in it’s a very touchy-feely photo, don’t you just want to reach out and touch these tyres?

    • Awwww, what lovely things to say! A very high compliment, indeed. 🙂 I do but then I remember all the germy little fingers that have touched before me…;-)

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