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Like a favorite pair of old jeans, this tire swing is worn in all the right places!

“Feelin’ Groovy” (Tire Swing, Dane Street Playground) Playground Series (#4), Nikon D300, 42mm, F/7.1, 1/160s, ISO 200, ‘Old West’ Toning Action

(As the fourth entry in my Playground Series, this image makes a great companion to Chain Gang. Hint, hint ;-)).



  1. Beautiful shot, Tracy. Again, that old west toner looks awesome with this photo.

    • Thanks, Dave! I can’t believe how much fun I am having with this series! (Tho, folks may start to get suspicious of the “crazy photog” hanging around the local playgrounds!) 🙂

      • At least being a girl it’s not as much a problem for you (female, sorry) :). I feel very uncomfortable snapping photos at the park or playground with kids around. I know that if I were a Dad I’d become a tad suspicious of a photographer in the playground.

  2. I take it back – this one is my favorite now.

  3. Ooooh, another great playground shot! My favorite is STILL the first one of the tire swings

  4. Hmm… worn in all the same places, like the seats!

  5. I am finding these photos of the Park absolutely wonderful, drinking them in, going back to them again and again.I am loving the textures, colours, contrasts AND probably most of all, that they are of recycled materials used and not just photo’s of number 10 million and fourty-eight of the plastic abominations that have had their soul health and safetied out of them at the moment of manufacture.
    Wonderful, wonderful series, Thanks so much ! Kiwidutch 🙂

    • WOW.What a wonderful comment to wake up to! I am completely blown away by your kind words and so glad you are enjoying the series. I do hope I can continue doing it justice! I agree on the plastic crapola…not gonna shoot that stuff. I guess I am lucky to have some older playgrounds in my area, with structures still made of wood and metal. They are a dying breed as I see more and more of the shiny, colorful, plastic – even plastic made to look like wood (!) – play structures being put in place. I guess this series came just in time! 🙂 Thank you so very much, kiwidutch!

  6. Love the treatment on all of these photos! I’m thinking a coffee table book might be in order…….

    • Thanks much, kanniduba! Only up to four images, so let’s see how it goes. 🙂 But, you could be right!

  7. Those two bolts in the tire look like two eyes looking at us. lol. Love that old west toning you’re using on the series. It looks great.

    • Ha! I thought so as well! To me it sorta reminds me of Mayor McCheese – you know, one of the McDonaldland characters?? Man, this series is bringing up all sorts of nostalgia! Thanks for the positive comments – much appreciated! 🙂

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