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Aaaah, the metal slide. A rare sighting these days. How many little rumps have slid down with fearless abandon? We will never know.

“Let it Slide” (Metal Slide, Kimball-Haskell Park) Playground Series (#7), Nikon D300, 42mm, F/6.3, 1/640s, ISO 250, ‘Old West’ Toning Action

Like it was yesterday, I remember helping my sister polish the length of metal with dirt ‘cuz we knew that would make us go faster. So many hours of climb, sit, push, slide, scream, land, laugh, rub hands, wipe knees, run back, repeat. 

I went down the slide today and for a few sweet moments, I was eight again. 

And it was good. 😀



  1. I love everything about this, including the memory.

    • Thanks so much, Kim. I really do try to write about what the photograph means to me, or the frame of mind I was in shooting it, or just the process of how it was captured. This whole Playground Series is really drumming up childhood memories and emotions. I never thought I’d get so sentimental over playground equipment! 🙂

  2. Ah, the playground, yes. Used to love those. I also used to break bones while having my fun. No kidding, 5 broken bones.

    Let’s just say I was a bit distracted.

  3. Love how you captured the shadow of the slide… It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen a metal slide around. Used to take the kids to that playground, and they were little then — but also, scared of the metal slide. It was two stories high, and STEEP! And god help you if the slope had been in direct sun…Good times. 🙂

    • Thanks, Chris. Yes, the shadow was the clincher for me in this image. Right time, right place. Ha! Didn’t we all lose a little skin on the hot metal? Yep – good times, indeed. 🙂

  4. Great shot – I looks almost like a sepia tone – which adds to the idea of it being an old memory!! I just love it – Great JOB!!

    • Thank you! Yes, the tone is intentional and will be used on all the images in the Playground Series. It not only helps to equalize all the images (as they are being taken at different times, at different locations, under different lighting conditions) but also, as you’ve pointed out, adds to the nostalgic feeling of the subject. Thanks so much for your comments! 🙂

  5. Awww… you’re bringing me down memory lane too. Very nice image.

    • Thank you, Amber. I’ve got a feeling there’s gonna be a lot more to come. To be continued…

  6. Another great shot! Love that you included the shadow.
    Now go back, because you missed a shot…. slide down again and take a picture of your feet and the slide in front of them, as you slide down 🙂

    • Thanks, Michaela! The shadow is definitely what made it for me – right time, right place.

      Ha! I did! I just didn’t post it! 🙂

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