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Finding mice in our home is not an unusual occurence (house is over 80 years old with a field stone foundation). However, they typically stay in the basement or at most, we hear them scratching in the walls.   

So to find one sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor this morning, well, that’s pretty rare. (Remember, we have a cat and she is quite the hunter). We  have no proof Cleo is responsible for bringing the little girl upstairs (yes, it’s a female mouse), nor that she is the cause of her bum hind leg (other than that, there isn’t a scratch on the creature). But, nonetheless, there ya go. One tiny mouse. Just sitting there. On the kitchen floor.

“Whiskers” (Baby House Mouse) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/4.2, 1/30s, -0.3EV, ISO 640, Silver Efex Pro ‘Antique Plate II’ Filter

I love all creatures, no matter how small, and it is difficult for me to simply toss them outside, especially when they are disabled and temps out are rather chilly (I know, I know – it’s only a mouse!). And, for some reason, this particular critter has seemed to taken a shine to me and the image above is her sleeping in my hand (yes, I shot this one-handed). Too cute! 🙂 

Until I can figure out what to do with the wee thing, she is resting comfortably in a bed of clean, soft rags in a cardboard box. So, if anyone has any advice, feel free to pass it along! 🙂 


03/30/2010 Update 

The mouse is doing well and on Monday night, got a roommate! When my husband arrived home Monday, he found another mouse, same size, at the bottom of our side entrance steps (inside). The poor thing was very cold after sitting for who knows how long on the tile floor. A little warming, some water and soaked potato bread and the new mouse settled into the box with the previous mouse. (We suspect they are littermates). Both are doing well and we hope to release them back into the wild once the weather clears. We still worry a bit about the bum leg, but it doesn’t seem to bother the mouse one bit (amazing resiliency). In fact, the additional mouse seems to have calmed the first mouse down considerably. They sleep together which is very cute. Keeping a lookout for more mice, but so far so good! 🙂


04/02/2010 Update

Yesterday was the first attempt to release the mice. The second mouse (we named her Minnie) left the comfort of the box within 30 minutes. However, the first mouse (Whiskers) refused to leave, and after 4 1/2 hours, I brought the box back inside for the night. A wildlife rehabilitator I have been corresponding with says Whiskers may simply not be ready yet. So the adventure continues… I hope Minnie lives a long and happy life!


04/04/2010 Update

Whiskers was released back into the care of Mother Nature this morning. She sniffed the air and seemed cautious at first, but once outside the comfort of her temporary home, it didn’t take her long to scamper off into the cover of the wood pile as if she’s done that her whole life. It was a bittersweet moment for me as I was sad to see her go but glad that I had the chance to heal her and give her a second chance. I cannot believe how much this little creature has touched my heart. I saw her go from injured and dehydrated to healthy and feisty and know in my heart that she would have had a different outcome had I not intervened. A little miracle, indeed! Take care and God bless, little one! You will be missed! 🙂


  1. Oh my goodness, that is sooo CUTE!! (Much cuter than the goat from the other day 😉 ) Poor little thing, I hope her leg will get better.

    • Yes, she is adorable. Not sure on the leg. At times, it seems better. Other times, no. Right now my concern is she may be younger than I thought as she doesn’t seem to want to eat. Sigh. I am too much of a worrier of God’s li’l creatures and find it very difficult to follow the cardinal rule of ‘let nature take its course’.

  2. Very sweet photo and story Tracy. Isn’t your cat licking her chops by the new mouse bed?

    • Thanks, Lynn.

      Nah, she isn’t all that smart. I love Cleo dearly but at times, the lights are on, but no one is home. 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t know what to do either, but how do you know it’s a female mouse? Did you flip it over? I’m imagining the scene. LOL

  4. very sweet! and i like the desaturation. now your concern for the kitten is making more sense (and you’ve succeeded in making me feel bad for not nursing it back to health!).

    my sympathies about the recent weather (though i can’t really sympathize, writing this from Santa Barbara, CA where it was 75 today.) i don’t suppose that makes you feel any better, does it?

    • Thanks, Stephen! Yeah, anything with a furry face just gets me. Add in an injury and I am all done. And with Cleo around, it can be a constant challenge as she just seems to love to go after furry things. Sigh.

      Yeah, our weather sucks! I appreciate your sympathies and if you could put in a good word with Mother Nature that would be great!

      Just had to rub it in, didn’t you??

  5. Oh, you certainly have a difficult descision to make now…Such a lovely little nose, it´s a very good one-handed result you’ve made. Maybe it was sent to you as an oportunity to take a lot of close up pictures of a mouse, and if you do this, its mission is completed…I can imagine a nice little book already. The spring mouse.

    • Thank you, giiid. Yes, I certainly do.

      You do have a way of seeing the silver lining, don’t you? 🙂 I seem to get alot of such ‘opportunities’. I’d rather the critter lived a long happy life instead!

  6. Very sweet. I will warn you that wild creatures usually don’t take to captivity well. I hope little Minnie gets better.

    • Thank you, Scott. I know. I simply am trying to get her to the point where I don’t feel guilty setting her free (she isn’t trying to get away and she has had plenty of opportunities). I fear that she doesn’t stand a chance with that bum leg. There is a wildlife rehabilitator in the next town over so I imagine I will make a trip there today. She will be in much better hands there than here (for sure).

  7. Oh boy… As a rule, I am less sympathetic to the plight of rodents who make their way into my kitchen… but, she is very cute… Sounds like you are on the right track getting her into rehab. Good luck!

    • Yeah, but when we really don’t know if said rodent was ‘assisted’ in being brought to the kitchen, it is difficult to be unsympathetic. 😦

      I’ve always been this way. I really treat all creatures pretty much the same. I don’t believe any one thing is better than another, that all nature should be treated kindly and with respect. Makes for a better world for me. The mouse seems to be doing well, and if it wasn’t raining I’d probably get her outside. She is a house mouse and not a field mouse as originally thought and I think she is able to look after herself. Amazing what you can learn in a very short time! 🙂

  8. As a biologist, I am somewhat biased, but I think rodents get a bad rap. Love the photo btw.

    I am considering downloading the trial version of Silver Efex Pro…do you like it?

    • Thanks, FJ! Yes, I agree, but I also think many animals get a bad rap! You wouldn’t believe the folks who HATE squirrels! We hear it all the time when they see our photos of them. Sigh.

      I do! And, what is cool is each filter is changeable, meaning, they have certain settings for each one, but there are all sorts of sliders to make adjuestments. AND, as the community comes up with other ones, they are posted on the Nik site and you can then download them and them to the list.

  9. This is such a sweet pic 🙂 I love all the little animals too. I feel so bad for your little mouse and his leg 😦 Do you still have him? Once his leg is stronger you can probably let him go without a worry. Just don’t let the kitty see 😉 This is off topic, but kinda cute…My friend wanted to get a hamster, but she only wanted a RESCUE hamster. lol. Anyhow, she came across one for adoption that had been found in a parking lot and his cheek pouch had been cut open by a bird. Well, it was cared for, healed, and now is a happy healthy little animal. It amazes me how resilient even the most modest of animals are.

    • Thanks, Amber! Sweet story! Whiskers (a ‘she’) is doing well (still has bum leg, but seems to be coping). And, you’ll get a kick out of this then, she now has a roommate! When my husband came home last night, he found another mouse at the very bottom of our side entrance steps, on the cold tile floor. The poor thing was so cold! So, I scooped it up (not sure of the sex of this one – I need to check) and popped it into the box to get warm. Once warm, I fed it some water as well as some water-soaked potato bread. The li’l thing ate ravenously! Then the two settled down and slept all cuddled together – so cute! I am watching to make sure both are okay, and when the weather is better will realease back into the wild. I am pretty sure had we not intervened, neither would have survived.

  10. I love this shot and your title.

  11. Absolutely adorable, what a wonderful shot! It makes me think of “Jolie petite souris” (pretty little mouse), a song that a mean cat is singing to a pretty little mouse to get her out of her hiding place…

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