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“Swing, Baby” (Wood Infant Swing) Playground Series (#13), Nikon D300, 80mm, F/5, 1/1250s, -0.3EV, ISO 200, ‘Old West’ Toning Action

I didn’t even notice the set of infant swings when I first entered the park but, as soon as I was leaving, the sight stopped me dead in my tracks. At that moment, some childhood memory buried deep in my psyche hurled itself forward and I just about screamed,  ‘I remember YOU!‘ 

I loved to swing. LOVED to swing! That rhythmic back-and-forth motion giving the sensation of flying – oh my, what could be better?  

My memory, however, of those worn wooden slats and front handle bar doesn’t come from a playground. No, mine is much closer to home as we had a similar swing hanging from the rafters in our basement. For hours I would sway to-and-fro, happy as can be as my mom went about her laundry duties. Such gleeful times (well, at least for me). 🙂 

While I was photographing the swing, awash in a flood of my own memories, two young mothers were pushing their infants and soaking in every giggle and smile. It was a delightful scene to watch. 

There will be a few more swings honored in this series but this one by far, holds a special place in my heart!


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ….

    The ‘ole ‘watcher fingers as I let the lap guard down’ swing.

    I can feel the lead paint chips digging into my too short shorts even now ….


    • Ha! Exactly!

      Now, why isn’t it not surprising to me that you were the shorty-short type? 😉

  2. i love the decadent playground equipment! the bizarre evocation of childhood nostalgia and post-apocalyptic ruin is somehow both comforting and troubling. or is it just me? very cool. awesome processing, btw! a worthy addition to your now rapidly formalizing “series.”

    • Thanks, Stephen! Soooo glad the series is having the desired impact. I haven’t thought of this stuff in years, maybe, decades. No, it isn’t just you. More line-walking between nostalgia for things lost and happy memories to come! 🙂

  3. I am a big time swinger, wait, that didn’t sound right. Well, you know what I mean. Love the pic.

    • LOL Thanks! (for the comment and for the idea for a future image and/or post title…) 🙂

  4. Great lighting here! The bright sun was perfect.
    The swing was always my favorite, too, but you know what? I don’t remember there BEING any swings on the playground near the house where I grew up.

    • Thank you, Michaela. It has been a challenge getting the different situations to appear the same. I do, however, like the shadowing and light in this pic. Right time, right place, I guess.

      Well, you’re old so what do you remember anyways! (kidding!) 😉

      • Hey, I have pictures! (Somewhere!) And I’m younger than you… even if it IS only a few months. 😉

      • Which pretty much means we are both old! 🙂

    • Lori Hitchcock-Mietk
    • Posted March 30, 2010 at 9:14 am
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    The moment I saw the photo, before I read the text, I thought of the swing in the basement! Love you xxxooo

    • Excellent! You wore the seat in just the right places for me! 🙂 Love you, too!

  5. I love the tone and colors in this photo. The mood it conveys is great!

  6. Ahhh wonderful shot. I remember being much bigger than an infant and still tyring to somehow squeeze into these swings at the park. lol

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