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Robin's Song

“Robin’s Song” (American Robin, Male) Nikon D300, 850mm (600mm w/1.4x teleconverter), F/7.1, 1/400s, +0.7EV, ISO 400

No denying it. Spring air just smells and feels different. It’s alive with this incredible energy radiating from all the flora and fauna. I stood for a while, my shoulders caressed by the warm sunshine, and simply breathed it all in.  Then, of course, I got to photographing! 🙂  

With so much activity happening all around me, it wasn’t easy choosing an area to concentrate on. So, I camped out in a key location which allowed me to keep an eye on several. 

I got excited when a colorful Northern Flicker flew in, but then realized my lens view was blocked by some low branches. Poop. 

At the feeder, a red squirrel and some chipmunks were entertaining, but it was ultimately the robins who won my attention today. This stunning male was singing his territorial song in a tree not far from where I stood. Ah, such sweet music! 

Right place, right time, right lens! 🙂


  1. Cool picture. At first I thought it was an Oriole and your tribute to the baseball season under way. Then I remembered it is too early for Orioles and you HATE sports.

    Gotta love the word poop anytime you can use it.

  2. This is beautiful.
    Looks like a few of us found some birds to photograph over the week-end, since Scott posted some on his blog. Not sure when or if mine will make it on the blog.

    • Thanks, Michaela! Yes, I saw Scott’s beautiful bird shots. But, I guess technically, I started this game last week with the two sparrows at the birdhouse! Once the birds start showing up, just try and stop me from photographing them! 🙂

  3. I guess the inspiration worked. 🙂 Okay…you gave us the focal length but not the lens combo. What you using over there in the next state over?

    • Well, yes indeed-y!

      Sure I did…a 600mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter. Is there more you wanted to know?

  4. So sharp, clear and beautiful.

  5. it stopped raining!!! congratulations. and i’m receiving some karmic retribution with a little bit of rain this morning. so i stayed in bed. gotta love unemployment. beautiful tweeter.

    • YES, finally! 🙂

      Ha! Now, that is a visual (all 6 feet of you in your footie pajammies snuggled up in your bed). What? Your mom didn’t get your butt out of bed and make you do chores as if you were a teeenager? How you gonna learn to be a responsible lawyer? 😉

    • You’ve got way too much time on your hands, Rupe!

      What? No “Rockin’ Robin” ? 🙂

  6. I’m still really enjoying your photos. Great work!

  7. Its funny, I love animals, I’m even a wildlife biologist, but I rarely take pics of critters…but I like them, yours included.

    • That is funny. I imagine you are just too close to your work as a biologist. No worries….I’ll photo them for you! 🙂

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