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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more striking pansy!! 

This little beauty was spotted amongst pots of various spring annuals for sale right outside the exit doors of my local grocery store and certainly warranted the quick walk back to the car to retrieve my camera! Isn’t it amazing how all the surrounding blossoms support the color variations in the pansy? Love that!

“Psychedelic Pansy” (Matrix ‘Sunrise’ Pansy, Viola X wittrockiana) Nikon D300, 150mm, F/8, 1/80s, ISO 640

It was just the shot of color I needed on this gloomy and rainy saturday! 🙂



  1. psychadelic indeed.
    Awesome colours

  2. You didn’t BUY this little beauty?
    There are so many different colored pansies… but I find they can be a bit difficult to photograph, at least when I’m trying to get creative.

    Rainy Sunday here today 😦

    • Ha! No, I didn’t. The pansy was in a mixed container and I didn’t much like the other flowers (and containers at the supermarket are always more expensive than at the local nursery). Also, we had just finished shopping on a very rainy day (STILL raining today – arrrgh!) and lazy me didn’t want to go back inside the store to pay. Hubby would have killed me anyways (he was waiting in the car so I had very little time to get the shot). I agree – pansies can be very difficult to photo! I think what made this one easier is that it is so variegated in color. If I had more time, and my macro lense on me, I would have gotten really creative with it!

      The sun’ll come out to-morrow, betcha bottom dollar that to-morrow, there’ll be sun…… 🙂

  3. Hidden Mickey! Yeah, I’m a Disney dork. 🙂 Rainy here, too. I need to get creative for my weekly post tomorrow but this gives me an idea. Thanks!

    • Ha! Hubby said the exact same thing!! (Yeah, two Disney dorks live here.) 🙂

      Cool! You’re welcome!

      • As it turned out my idea was to use a Disney version of Monopoly for my blog but my daughter took it with her to North Dakota. So, I settled for the original version instead. Still, you go me headed in that direction.

  4. Now this is purple and many other hues.

  5. this is tiedye-rrific. once again, you prove that you have complete control over your bokeh!

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