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Here’s another dandelion seed head from yesterday since today’s weather has been constant rainfall. 😦 

I felt some slight post processing was required on this one to push the underlying color palette over to the cooler tones. Simply made for a prettier image and helped to draw out the details. 

“Burst” (Common Dandelion Seed Head, Taraxacum officinale) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/7.1, 1/80s, ISO 2000, Color Efex Pro ‘Glamour Glow’ Filter

For me, it’s like a beautiful fireworks burst but at very, VERY close range! 🙂



  1. Ooohhh… aaahhhh!!! Beautiful! I really like the colors here, and the dark background.

    Which version of Color Efex Pro do you have, 3? I have 2 😦 and don’t remember Glamour Glow in the list (I’ll have to check again to be sure) I had the trial of v.3 and liked it SO much better!

    Btw. Sara wanted you to know that your picture “looks cool!” 🙂

    • Ha! The PERFECT response, Michaela!! 🙂 Thanks!

      I’ve thought about doing the same treatment to the other one (the one from yesterday) because I too, like the colors even though they aren’t ‘technically accurate’. 😉

      I have CEP 3 – love it!! GG is one of my favorite filters.

      Please tell Sara I am so honored to receive her compliment! Children DO NOT lie!! 🙂

      • Oh yes, they DO!! Just not about pictures 😉

        V.2 is such a pain! It has the stylizing filters and traditional filters separate, and you can’t open the filters and try several different ones on a photo until you like the results (like you can in v.3). Try a filter, don’t like it, CLOSE THE WHOLE THING, try another filter… ugh. Good news is that v.3 is now available at the academic superstore, so I will be uprading at some point.

      • LOL! I suppose you’re right about that! 🙂

        WOW, that IS a pain! Good thing they changed that in V3!! 🙂

  2. Looks real nice again Tracy, and I’m sad (secretely glad) to hear that we’re not the only ones experiencing constant rain at the moment… lol.. And they say it’s supposed to be spring… 😉

    Btw… I have black swans… lol..

    • Thanks, Brian! Yea, misery loves company, huh? Rain has finally ended but now cold weather is back… ;-(

      You teased me with the swans in my “hey, I’ve posted something new” email but when I tried to view it on your site, the page was ‘not found’. 😦

  3. Wow, this looks brilliant. And to think I’ve committed genocide to the weeds in my front yard to keep just this thing from happening. Really great photo, Tracy.

    • Thanks, Dave! It is rare that ours get to this stage as well since hubby is pretty ‘quick-on-the-draw’ with the weed killer. I was walking over to photograph something else when I saw the perfectly formed seed head. Never did quite make it to where I was going now that I think about it! 🙂

  4. This is another fabulous shot. I really like how you did draw out the details. 🙂

  5. I like this one. I think I prefer the seed connection point focus more. There is a very delicate balance going on right there. The colors and the left edge are great!

    • Thank you, Sean! 🙂

      I played around with different focus point, ‘cuz, of course, the first thing I focussed on was the outer edge of the seed head so when I started to focus in and saw what was happening with the seeds and the center and those lovely white points of light, I was hooked! It’s more than likely what kept me shooting through all the issues!

      I’m afraid to see what has since happened to my lovely little seed head now that Mother Nature has sent the monsoon rains…sigh…

  6. Its a very cool shot, I like the effect.

  7. Super beautiful! Looks very magical…

  8. Wow! – Bright and furry! Beautiful macro!

  9. Gorgeous shot and some incredible detail in this, spot on with the processing as well.. Looks fantastic!!

  10. i like this one a lot – the fireworks “web” looks like a delicate sphere surrounding the stem with spindly columns holding it up.

    but i think i love the composition of the previous one more. i’m wild about negative space.

    • Thanks, Stephen!

      I like them both for probably the same reasons you stated. No need to choose a favorite! 🙂

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