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This Japanese Tree Peony blossom reminds me of one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast – a perfectly cooked, sunny-side up fried egg.

Sunny Side Up

“Sunny Side Up” (Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Hakuojishi’, Japanese Tree Peony) Nikon D300, 48mm, F/16, 1/200s, +0.3EV, ISO 200

All that buttery whiteness surrounding a golden yolk just begging to be broken and slopped up with triangle toasts…

A yummy and nutritious way to start any day! 🙂



  1. Well I’m just glad I had my breakfast some 7 hours ago… or I’d be craving some eggs on toast right now… Actually, now that I think about it… I AM !!… and I’ve just had lunch… Thanks Tracy… lol.. Real nice capture too btw, especially with the shadow details on the petals… 🙂

    • Ha! Yeah, I forget all about the time difference for folks who follow this! Doesn’t really matter though….eggs and toast are good anytime!!

      Thank you, Brian! Can’t go wrong with white, yellow and blue! 🙂

  2. And here I thought you were talking about the MOVIE! (One of Greg’s favorites, btw. I think he knows ALL the lines!)
    This is sooo pretty, and again that gorgeous blue sky.
    Not a fan of eggs, unless they are deviled eggs – the way Greg makes them 🙂

    • Ha – psych! 🙂

      I like all kinds of eggs including deviled!

      Thanks, Michaela!

  3. Thanks for making me hungry this morning with the mention of eggs. Not to mention, I just got done comparing my image today to a pat of butter. Now if someone could just post something that they could compare to toast, and another to bacon, it’s a perfect morning. 🙂

    Great clarity and brightness.

    • You’re welcome, Sean! 🙂

      Yes, that would be perfect! Tho, I could eat breakfast any time of day… 😀

  4. This is crisp, like a starched, men’s dress shirt…beautifully done.

  5. Another beeeeeeeuty Tracy. The colors are fantastic. I am impressed with how white your whites are with no blown highlights. Just a perfect exposure!

    • Thanks, Carol! 🙂

      The trick to no blown highlights is the lighting. This was shot in very filtered light even though it appears to be bright sunlight. If it were direct sun, I would have completely lost all the details.

  6. Beautiful with the very blue sky behind.

    • Thank you, Lynn! I’m also partial to the late quaint little leaf… 🙂

  7. so clean and crisp, nicely done!

  8. This is so fresh and optimistic and – summer. I noticed the nice tones you have in the white, are you using RAW format?

    • Thank you, Birgitte!

      I shoot in both RAW and JPEG format. The RAW is simply a backup as, for about a year now, I’ve been only processing the JPEG formats. One of my goals with this project was to get to know my camera inside and out as well as improve my skills such that little post processing is required. This means, getting it right in-camera. I like the way my D300 processes the JPEGs so that is what I’ve been using. Quick and easy for me! It’s good to know I have the RAW backup in case I like the image but for some reason, don’t like what the camera did. So far, I haven’t had to use a single RAW even though I’ve kept all of them.

      Good question! 🙂

      • Interesting, tell me, how can you have both a jpeg and a RAW of a shot, is it automatically saved as both, or do you make a jpeg copy later?

      • The Nikon’s allow you to have both – you take one shot and it saves both a RAW (NEF) file as well as a JPEG file. Pretty sweet! 🙂

  9. What a beautiful photo, so clean 🙂

    • Thank you, Marinela! Much appreciated! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  10. yummmm and do i see a little basil leaf on the side of the plate? delicious.

    the petals are so pillowy and luxurious with those soft shadows.

    • Ha! Yes, I suppose that would make it a basil leaf!

      Thank you, Stephen! 🙂

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