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Baby Red

“Baby Red” (Juvenile American Red Squirrel in Birdhouse) Nikon D300, 600mm, F/6.3, 1/125s, ISO 640

A few days ago, I posted an image of a female red squirrel sticking her head out of the entrance of our large yellow birdhouse. I was certain the squirrel was a momma and suspected there’d be babies in that house. 

Today, I got proof

When momma left to go forage for peanuts and sunflower seeds, this sweet face popped out of the hole. Welcome to the world, Baby Red! 😀 

This is as far as Momma Red will allow the little one to go (for now) but I’m sure very soon, like mom, s/he will be scampering about and harassing the greys! 

Just when you think life can’t get any cuter, huh?


  1. YOU GOT IT!!! Awwww ♥ so adorable!

  2. too cute!

  3. This guy is cuter. It sounds like you almost have a fully self-sustaining ecosystem out there.

    • Ha! Yeah, s/he is pretty darn cute! Can’t wait to see the little one out and about! Right now, s/he just stares at me with those big, wide eyes and momma, well, momma knows I mean no harm so life is good.

      Sadly, our ecosystem also comes complete with predators….yikes! 😉

  4. it looks like it has long angel wings. very cool.

    and, despite the redundancy, i’ll say again that is an awesome birdhouse.

    and finally, with that, i am caught up!

    • Those ‘wings’ must be tasty as they keep getting eaten by the squirrels! I will most likely have to replace them again at the start of next season. Oh, well!

      Wait until the next post…more squirrel/birdhouse cuteness!! 🙂

      Thanks, Stephen!

  5. How CUTE is s/he… It looks like you’ve just stuck it in the hole… lol… You’re so lucky to have these resident in your garden… Great shot Tracy…

    • I know! Too damn funny! Just wait until the next post – the cuteness jamboree continues!!! 😀

      Thanks, Brian! 🙂

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