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Today is my sister Lori’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Sis!! ♥  

What could be more appropriate for a Gemini then TWIN baby red squirrels!!! Yep, that’s right folks, there are TWO baby reds in the birdhouse! Both are very curious and it was hilarious watching them play hide ‘n seek with me today!  

The first baby is lighter and golden in color, has a pink-ish spot just to the right above the nose (might be hard to see in the image) and the cutest rosy mouth!

Pucker Up, Baby

“Pucker Up, Baby” (Juvenile American Red Squirrel in Birdhouse) Nikon D300, 1000mm (600mm w/1.7x teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/60s, ISO 640

The second baby is the same as in yesterday’s post (I think). S/he has more red in the fur and is much braver of the two as demonstrated here:


“Braveheart” (Juvenile American Red Squirrel in Birdhouse) Nikon D300, 1000mm (600mm w/1.7x teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/100s, -0.3EV, ISO 640

(Although, this is as far as s/he would venture out before frantically realizing leaving might not be the smartest thing to do). 😉 

So, there ya go, Lori! Let’s see Lon beat that! 😀 

Love you!


  1. You’re so right… The cutefest continues in abundance… Are you sure it’s only twins… lol.. Really do love the way they’re both looking directly in to the lens though… 🙂

    • You were warned! 😉

      Not sure at all…but won’t really know until these guys start leaving the house. I imagine it is getting pretty crowded in there!!

      Thank you, Brian! 😀

  2. Awwww!!! ♥ ♥ I wish I could be there and take my own pictures of these adorable little cuties!

    • It is magical to watch and you would so enjoy it!! You’ll have to show the girls these…I bet you get “Awwwww’s” in stereo!!

      Thanks, Michaela!

      (P.S. I also saw a hummingbird today – no pics – but at least it means they are in the area so there IS HOPE!)

  3. These are just the cutest photos ever!!!! They are totally at the top of the cuteness scale. I LOVE them. I look forward to following these little ones here.

    • Thanks, Carol! I’ve been tremendously enjoying watching these critters! I hope to move to doing some video of them as they start to venture outside the house (which I’m sure will be very soon!) So, stay tuned! 🙂

  4. Very cool. The shy one is wearing lipstick. The aggressive one called you out! Cute images. It must be fun to watch them begin to explore!

    • I do hope that means the shy one is a GIRL! But, in these days of ‘glamation’ who knows? 😉

      It has been a BALL watching them! After I posted, I went back out and they started to get a little braver. Can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow! Thanks, Sean!

  5. Baby squirrels are so cute. Enjoy them while you can because they might not stay too long after they start venturing out. I think the babies of a gray squirrel that lives close to my bedroom window have already left, even though they came out of the nest only on May 11.

    • Oh,we certainly will! In the past, our landscape has supported up to 9 red squirrels so there is hope these babies will stick around (the population was wiped out by predators in 2007…last year was the first we saw of the reds again). We also have a ton of greys but have never been fortunate enough to witness babies. This experience has been magical! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  6. Thanks, Tracy! These are totally freakin’ adorable! I saw my first red sqiurrel at your house (remember, we were on the sun porch and I thought it was a big chipmunk!) and now I’ve seen my first baby red! Sooo cute! You are right! Lon cannot top these beauties although wait until you see what he did with my engagement ring! Love you, miss you! xxxooo

    • You’re welcome! I hope you had a great birthday, and from the sounds of it, Lon didn’t do too bad afterall! Can’t wait to see it! 😀

  7. Not only are these little ones adorable but you have to admit that the background of your birdhouse certainly does add to their charm. Hope they are still around when we visit. Love ya lots

    • Thanks, Mom! I hope so, too, but they are already getting adventurous! Stay tuned for today’s post! Love you, too! 😀

  8. Aw so cute, happy birthday to you sis 🙂

  9. the cuteness abounds! that sweet little pink mouth is pretty!

    • Now you see why I love these little critters??? Thanks, Stephen?

  10. You have a beautiful squirrel / bird house and the cutest baby squirrels. I’m glad that you have been able to get close enough to share these adorable photos.

    • Thank you, Lynn! We have to add ‘chew toy’ as well! I’m not so sure how beautiful the house will be once the present tenants get through with it! They seem to thoroughly enjoy gnawing on the wood (chimney and thos ‘wings’ appear to be their favorite parts).

  11. What lovely pictures, Tracy! How wonderful for you to have these beautiful little visitors.

  12. I’m sorry I’ve gotten so behind in your photos. These squirrels of yours are just so amazingly cute. Wow, awesome catches Tracy 🙂

    • Thank you, Amber! It is easy to get behind – no worries! Just makes it more exciting to catch up! 😀

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