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In addition to peonies, I also love clematis and have several varieties in the garden (10 at last count). I managed to drag myself away from the baby red squirrels for a bit to take notice of ‘Dr. Ruppel’, one of my oldest and, quite possibly my favorite for its large striped pink blossoms. It never disappoints!  

"Pinwheel" (Clematis, 'Dr. Ruppel') Nikon D300, 70mm, F/8, 1/00, -0.7EV, ISO 200

These days, everything is blooming about one to two weeks ahead of schedule due to our ‘higher-than-normal’ temperatures (it hit 95 degrees today!). Doesn’t bother me – just means I need to keep pace! 😀 

As for the Dr., I was happy to catch this particular blossom unfurling in late afternoon light.


  1. I can see why you love this flower so much, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

    We’ve been in the 90’s, too. Yuck!!

    • Thanks, Michaela! 🙂

      It was HOT today and HUMID! I was sweating sitting in the shade! Tomorrow we return to normal temps and that will be good as the plants need time to work up to this!

  2. I only have one clematis, wish I knew it’s name, but it morphs from one flower to another. Think I might be posting some pics of it one of these days. It must be beautiful to have so many in your garden.

    • It is wonderful and you can bet I’d have MORE if I had more places to put them! 🙂

      Here is a site that might help you identify your variety: Completely Clematis Specialty Nursery. I bought two from this woman and they are the healthiest and most prolific plants I have.

  3. Wow that colour looks like it’s painted on!
    I’m fairly useless with flower names, but in this case “Stunning” will do nicely LOL.

    • Don’t they? 😉

      I save all my tags when I buy plants and I have a list on the computer of what things are, where they’re planted and such. Otherwise, I’d never remember! Thanks, Kiwi! I’ll take ‘stunning’! 😀

  4. BEAU-TI-FUL! Love the colors and how they compliment each other.

    • Aw, thank you, Juan! (You can’t really miss with PINK! 😀 ) I kinda like those two little bright pops of chartreuse in the image. I always find it incredible what little things can make a photo for me. At first, I thought to remove them and the photo lost, well, something. Weird, huh?

  5. I agree, these colours are SO nice 🙂

  6. Gee, guess who has clematis too? LOL! But alas, mine are not open yet. The play of light-and-shadow here is lovely.

    My flowers are all ahead of schedule too while we are enjoying some record-breaking temps around here. Flower pics are stacking up in my camera again.

    • Of course you do!! 🙂 This one is an early-opener. My others bloom consecutively through the season (kinda like I planned it that way!)

      Todays temps were MUCH better, dontchathink? Let’s save the 95’s until July!

      Thank you, Karma! 😀

  7. i really like the idea of you taking pictures and then consulting your garden map for the flower names. cleverness. (it also makes me wonder if maybe there is a little dotted line on your map, leading to an “x” in red ink. WHAT DO YOU HAVE BURIED THERE!!!)

    this composition is really interesting to me – there is so much leaf on the top and it makes me go, “y’know, leaves are beautiful, too!”

    • Thanks, Stephen! I know some folks out there might consider me a bit, well, anal, but I swear keeping a list has really saved my garden because when you have as large a garden as we do, it is very easy to lose track of just what you’ve got! (and also, to distinguish what is treasured plant from say, weed). So, I really appreciate your thinking I’m clever!

      Sadly, no buried treasure. The only things we seem to find are marbles that I can just imagine are long lost toys of a resident boy long, long ago…

      Funny you mention the composition. Many of my shots are serendipitous! This particular composition (the flower shoved to the bottom) is partly due to the fact that a spider had made a cocoon in the bottom petal (a little bit is showing in the image) and I wanted to avoid having it be obvious. The light was just so lovely and I think the leaves (yes, they are beautiful) help to ground things. Anyways, I guess the short answer would be, ‘glad you liked it!’ 😀

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