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My first photographic love will always be flowers and, if they are pink and they are peonies, well then, in my book that is a winning combination for sure! Good thing we are in peony season then, huh? 😉 

I particularly like the unusual perspective and backlighting of this gorgeous blossom. Deliberate underexposure created the dark background, while a gold reflector highlighted that wild yellow center which otherwise would have been lost in shadow. This ranks up there as one of my favorite peony shots. Ever

“Take a Bow” (Pink Herbaceous Peony, Unknown Variety) Nikon D300, 105mm, F/8, 1/200s, -0.7EV, ISO 640

So, there it is, folks. The final Project 365 image! 🙂 

The concept seemed simple enough at the beginning…post (at least) one image every day for 365 days. Never could I have known the journey I would take!   

Here I am, 365 days (and 396 images) later, the task complete. Woo hoo! Elation abounds! 🙂   

Will I stop? Yes and no. I will not commit to posting an image every day for a year. Been there, done that. I firmly believe projects need a finish, otherwise, what’s the point?   

However, I have found that I do love posting my images and writing stories to go along with them, so I will be continuing with the blog. Hooray! 🙂 I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the people I have met along the way and am especially grateful to the ones who took the time to comment and encourage me to be a better photographer than I was. You guys are awesome!! 😀 

As I look back over the year, I can clearly see that my skills have grown by leaps and bounds from that first day. I have become quite comfortable with all the equipment I am fortunate to own and I have been pushed to go beyond my comfort zone. Yes, there have been lows but more often, there have been highs. I couldn’t be happier with the body of work I’ve been able to create! 

My goal for the blog from this day forward is to continue posting images and commentary a few days a week. (To stay in the loop, I highly recommend subscribing to receive notifications of new posts via email). Creatively, I need a break and I want to get back to the days when shooting is something I consider fun and not a requirement. I’ve learned I need to find a happy middle ground.  

I hope you all continue to follow along, continue to inspire me with your images and continue to tell me what works and what doesn’t. Without you, I’m merely a girl with a camera and no purpose. What’s the fun in that? 😉



  1. WOW!! I would call that the perfect ending….. but I’m glad that it’s not REALLY the end that you will keep going with your blog (whoohoo!!) (I would MAKE you if you didn’t… how, I don’t know, but I’m sure I would have thought of something 😉 )

    • Thanks, Michaela! I’m SO GLAD it worked out this way! I couldn’t have planned it better! 🙂

      To tell you the truth, I would be a bit fearful if I attempted to stop! I think you and a few others would’ve gathered a hench mob! lol! In all seriousness, I so appreciate your support. It truly kept me motivated! 😀

  2. Well I’ve learnt that peonies are neither ungulate or equine, so firstly thanks for that… and thanks for the all to brief participation in your 365 phenomenon… I for one will continue to follow along, and see what other things I can learn along the way… Congrats Tracy for making it to the end, and still retaining a semblance of sanity.. 🙂

    • How could I stop? And miss out on your English wit?? C’mon! 😉

      Thanks, Brian! Glad you will stay along for the ride. I will do my best not to disappoint! Now as for my sanity, I’ve always felt it to be over-rated. 😉

  3. Congratulations on a year! That is a lot of work, and I’m sure it seemed easier before you start than it actually was. I’m glad you won’t be vanishing. What we hopefully will all see are the images that excited you the most. 🙂

    This is a terrific image to end with. I’m still always amazed with your tack-sharp focus.

    • Thank you, Sean! Oh, how naive I was a year ago! (or stupid, depending upon how you look at it). 😉

      Nope, not rid of me that easily. Glad you liked the shot. It was one of those that started out in a completely different area, then the clouds parted and the light struck it just so. I was even so very proud of myself for walking back to the house and returning with the reflector ‘cuz I knew without it, you’d never see that center. My, how I have grown! 😀

      Glad you are sticking around!

  4. Babe – Very proud of you and all that you have accomplished!

    All my love,

    • Aw, thanks babe. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you (well, and that sweet 105mm that you gave me!) Love you, too! ♥

  5. Congrats!!! Helluva great thing you’ve done here – and the end result, while fantastic is secondary to the journey itself, I’m sure.

    I’m so glad that you are going to continue blogging and posting – I was dismayed that I’d discovered your site so late in the game and that you’d be stopping!

    Can’t wait to see what the future brings for you.

    • Thanks so much, Derrick! You are so right…sometimes just completing something, anything, you’ve set your mind to is such a reward! I came so close on so many occaisions to calling it quits! But then I’d think, ‘c’mon, just go out and see if there is something you can find.’ And, like some divine gift, that something would indeed be there for me to find!

      Glad you will be following along, Derrick! 😀

  6. As one who has also completed a 365, I truly understand how you feel: accomplished, relieved, proud. Congrats! One suggestion you might like: make a photo book of your favorite shots of the year. I made one on Snapfish and it was a lot of fun. Broke it down into my favorites by month.

    The peony is gorgeous! I hope I can have some shots of mine that could come even slightly close to that.

    I’ll be sure to continue checking in to see what you are up to!

    • Aw, thanks, Karma! You’ve summed it up very succintly. I do feel ALL of those things, in addition to ELATED! Can’t stop smiling!

      I do make photobooks – I use Blurb, love it! – so that is an excellent suggestion. I am planning to specifically do a book of the playground series since I am really so very proud of that work. I also sell prints of my work, and with art show season approaching, I will be printing and matting my favs to put out for display. So, for everyone who thinks my hard work is finished, au contraire my friends! 🙂

      Glad you will be sticking around! 🙂

  7. Congrats on a job well done, Tracy! I have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventure, and am looking forward to seeing what you do next!

    • Thanks, Christine! Much appreciated and so glad you will continue to visit!! 🙂

  8. Beautiful shot Tracy and well said. 🙂

  9. Congratulations here from Denmark – from one of your “new” readers. I am glad to be a reader of your blog, it is outstanding! Your photos too. I – and many others – can learn a lot from your blog 🙂

    • Thank you, Truels! I am flattered to have an ‘international’ following! 😉

      You are very sweet and I appreciate your support! 😀

  10. I think we post as we can. Life comes first and if you lose that perspective, then you start to live in cyberland and that ain’t so great…

    Beautiful photo, btw.

    • Thanks, burstmode! You are very wise and I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  11. I came in late to this 365 project. It think in January so I have only caught the later third of your journey. I have been amazed, curious and have learned quite a bit from you and your photographs. Thank you for sticking it out for a year and sharing it all with us. Congrats and I think you deserve a glass of your favorite adult beverage. 😉

    Happy to see you’ll be continuing. I would miss your photos, stories and commentary. I would suggest changing the title so as not to confuse new comers.

    • You probably came in at a good time, Scott. I was really coming into my stride then when I was having difficulty finding inspiration and realized I may actually have to stretch my creative muscles!

      I have so appreciated your following along and commenting. I, too, have learned from you. Win-win there, huh?

      Lots of celebrating is forthcoming as my birthday is on Friday. And, if anyone is wondering, I’d have to say my favorite adult beverage is a glass of bubbly! 🙂

      Glad you’ll be sticking around Scott. And, no worries….I’ve already thought about that and when I post again, I will change the title appropriately! Right now, I’m simply enjoying a little R&R! 😀

      • Pop a bottle and enjoy, Tracy. Justly deserved. Hey, did you know, popping a bottle of champagne makes a great high-shutter speed photo opp. 😉

      • Ha! Thanks Scott! (This is information that would have been more useful about an hour ago! Too late now!) 😀

  12. Congratulations on completing your 365. I came in late in the game as well, so I am thrilled you will still be posting. Looking forward to your future postings.

    • Thank you, Carol! You’ll get here, too – I just know it! And I’ll be there to congratulate you. 🙂

  13. First of all a big Congratulations! I continue to post everyday, but I don’t shoot everyday anymore. Life just gets in the way some days. But, if I don’t shoot for three or four days, I start feeling all weird and out of sorts. So, I hope you find what works for you and gives you the most pleasure.

    • Thanks, Lynn! Oh, life gets in the way alright! It feels good to have a little breathing room but I know it won’t be long before I shoot and post again. I doubt I will make it out of the week before doing so! 🙂

  14. Jeeeeesus! I study this flower in Biology!

    • Ha! Well, then, you should already know and love it like I do, Babs! 🙂

  15. Congratulations, Tracy! I’m a latecomer too, but I’ve really enjoyed seeing your photos. They are truly amazing! I really appreciate your views and opinions and the way you’ve reached out to me. It means alot. I look forward to seeing what you have in the future. I’ll be here! 🙂

    I’ve learned some things on my journey as well, but not near enough. I now have 74 days to go before the end of my journey. Don’t know where I’ll go from there, just kicking around ideas. I might do a totally iPhone photo blog.

    Keep the little squirrels and birds happy and I’ll be talking with you.

    Jan Smith

    • Aw, thanks so very much Jan!! I truly appreciate your support and comments all these months and am glad you’ll be continuing to follow along. Posting an image today, so I guess that didn’t take long! lol!

      Wow – only 74 days left?? You are in the home-stretch now and rest assured, I’ll be there at the finish-line waiting to give you a hug, a high-five and a great big ‘atta girl’!! 😀

      ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. congratulations! i can’t remember really when i started reading (January or February?) but it has always been a treat to comment on your shots!

    i’ve never “blogged” before, and was really doing this travel thing so my family could read it and so i didn’t lose all the info some day, but your happy kindness and blogpanionship has made it something i really look forward to. and it seems like you “adopted” a lot of people like you have me, so i want to take this (much more sentimental than i had anticipated) moment to say thanks for being so open and awesome and radical!

    in case you’re interested, there are two of your photos that stand out in my mind from what i’ve seen: first, the creepy b/w spider on the flower that tells me an amazing story; second, the revelation of a playground series shot with the shadow of the hoop and the tattered basketball. LOVE that shot. (probably my fave.)

    keep it up! KIT! have an awesome summer! stay cool! don’t ever change. (all messages from my middle school yearbook.)

    • LOL! You are awsome, Stephen, and so good for my ego! So thank YOU and you’re welcome!! 😀

      Before this I had never blogged either and I, too, had experiences with really kind bloggers who helped to inspire me and keep me going. I’ve never thought of it like this before, but I agree, I have a whole ‘adopted’ blogger family!

      You have picked two really great shots and maybe, just maybe, when you are a high-priced lawyer you’ll contact me for some (really, really LARGE) prints to hang in your home or office and everyone who comes to see you will ask, “My, who is that talented photographer” and you’ll regale them with stories of the blog, etc.

      My, I do have an active imagination!!! 😀 (and, you’ll soon see, I’m not really going anywhere!)

  17. Wow, congratulations on finishing the project. What an accomplishment, and a beautiful image to end with and i’m sooo glad you’ll still be blogging even though the project is done. Yay!

    • Thank you, Amber! I’ve appreciated your support and encouragment – so thanks, again!

      No worries…I’ll continue to post as long as I’ve got inspiration and something to say (so I should be good for the next 50 years or so… 😉 )

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