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“Rhapsody in Blue” (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmer’ Endless Summer) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/7.1, 1/250s, ISO 640

It’s certainly looking like a banner year for hydrangeas! Woo hoo!  

I have several of these ‘Bailmer’ Endless Summer shrubs and when you look at that gorgeous blue color, can you blame me? 🙂

Best thing about these is, (well, aside from the fact they are easy to grow), the blooms last for months! 

So, it looks like I’ll besinging-the-blues all summer long… 😀


  1. Love the different tones of blue. Great shot!

    • Thanks! So nice of you to stop by and visit! Much appreciated! 🙂

  2. Wow, I love hydrangeas. You should show a shot of your whole garden, sounds so beautiful with all your flowers.:)

    • Me, too! And they dry so beautifully! 🙂

      Ha! Did Stephen (batteredleatherjournal) put you up to this?? You aren’t the first to ask for a wide shot. To tell you honestly, I never like the ‘big picture” of my landscape as I’ve planted it such that things bloom at all different times. But, I will make the same promise I made to Stephen…some day, probably soon, I WILL post some wider shots just so you’ll all stop bugging me! LOL! 🙂

  3. I love this blue. It’s kinda “dreamy”… Lovely!

  4. … and I guess that’s why they call it the blues …”

    Soothing. Rupe misses his hydrangea ….


    • Hiya, Rupe! I’ve missed ya!

      Great, now I can’t get that song outta my head!

      *waves back* 🙂

  5. WOW!!!!

  6. Oooh, I like that!

  7. We could never grow these where I live and that forbidden quality makes them oh-so beautiful! They grow in the NW at my mother in law’s place and I just love them.

    • Oh, that is too bad! Well, I guess you can appreciate (and covet) hydrangeas from afar and not have to worry about them dying! 🙂

  8. Before I even noticed the caption I had “Rhapsody in Blue” going through my head.

    Hmmm, ever see Fantasia 2000? That had a nice segment with Rhapsody in Blue.

    • Great minds think alike! Yes, LOVE Fantasia 2000 (bought it when it was first released). Incredible animation and music! 🙂

  9. I love this photo….blue is my favorite color. I agree with Consuelo, we need to see a full view of your garden. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jan! I’m more of a pink girl myself but with blues like this, I just might be converted! 🙂

  10. Hydrangeas “are easy to grow.” Not necessarily my friend! The bushes are easy to grow, the blooms are not! But for some people who live near the sea, I believe they bloom like it is no work at all. Gorgeous blue color!

    • Ha! I was waiting to hear this from you, Karma! My mom and I were just talking hydrangeas tonight and we both agree that they can sometimes be particular about where they are planted. My mom moved one to the other side of her yard when it wasn’t blloming after three years in one location and now, it blooms like gangbusters! (And she lives no where near the sea!)

      So, if you have some that are not working for you in their current location, you need to move them. Doesn’t even have to be that far away! Once they like where they are, they will bloom!

      Thanks Karma! 🙂


      • The ones that I have now that rarely bloom (the light blue that I featured in the slideshow) would be much too big to move now. Maybe I should just try giving them a big haircut this fall and see what happens – although I understand they bloom on old growth, so not too much of a cut.

      • Contrary to popular belief, some hydrangeas CAN be severely pruned. The trick is to do it right after flowering so the hydrangea then has the season to put out growth for next year’s bloom. If you wait until fall, you potentially could be cutting off potential blooms. The best thing is to look up what kind you have and do a search on how to severely prune it.

  11. You probably know that my favorite flower color is blue, so a blue hydrangea is double good. I haven’t had any luck growing them where I live now. At my last place we had a beauty.

    • I think you’ve mentioned it before. YOU would LOVE these hydrangeas in person, Lynn! They are covered in these luscious blue mopheads! 🙂

  12. Very cool shot, love the color.

  13. Very nice photo. With the blurred blue background it look like a white flower behind blue veil.

    • Very interesting description, Tomas! So glad you like it – thanks! 🙂

  14. Hey, isn’t the blue color special? Like, you have to have special nitrates in your soil to get the blue blooms, or something like that? I have a blue hydrangea on my balcony, but there are no blue blooms blooming and I’m Sorry. lol. Love this close up of the blooms. They look so dainty and the blue really is beautiful.

    • That’s okay, Amber! I don’t know about the blue being special – this is the color this particular hydrangea is supposed to be. It is said that pH levels of the soil determine what color the blooms will be. New thinking also claims that aluminum in the soil will create a more blue color. I haven’t done anything to alter the chemical makeup of my soil around these hydrangeas so the pH must be naturally low (meaning, acidic, which is accurate since there are lots of pines and rhodies) and perhapes there is a natural concentration of aluminum. Lucky me! (Well, somewhat lucky me as I also have a PINK hydrangea and try as I may, I can’t seem to get it back to a true pink. No matter, I now let it do what it wants and am really never disappointed! 🙂

      If you want blue blooms, read this (go to very bottom of page):

      I thought the information was really great!

      Thanks, Amber! 🙂

  15. My mum has some of these in her garden… but they’re just a pinky white… I think it too was supposed to be a different colour, but ended up a bit lame in comparison to yours… but then we’re not blessed with any real soil… just a basic sticky clay… Love the colour of yours though…

    • Well, you do live on an island Brian, so what do you expect?? You can’t have everything! 😉


  16. Eee! What a lovely photo! A really bluey mood all through (naturally it’s bluey, what a silly thing to say!)

    I tend to not really notice hydrangeas but I must have a very close look at ours if and when they decide to grow again. Thanks for giving showing me this different perspective.

    • You tend to not NOTICE hydrangeas?? How could you not?? Although, I guess there are the varieties that aren’t as showy. As this seems to be a banner year for hydragneas, yes, please check yours out to see if you’ve been missing out on something good!

      Thanks, Val and you’re very welcome! 🙂

        • absurdoldbird
        • Posted July 2, 2010 at 5:13 am
        • Permalink

        The reason for not noticing them is because in parts of the UK they are everywhere – people use them outside their houses, in their front garden. In the 50s and 60s I remember rows upon rows of them, they have always been an incredibly popular plant here. Some of my family adore them too and have rather a lot) And you know how it is with things that one sees everyday – they tend to start getting overlooked!

        Brian, above (fs photography) notes that they are pinky white, but it actually depends on the soil (I think on the acidity of it, but am not certain) because they change from pink to blue. I tend to catch them when they are in their odd undercoloured stage, which is why your photo struck me so much! (Apart from it being very good, of course!)

  17. What a photo! Depth and strength and once again, composition to die for… WoW!
    I’m no flowery plant person (my favourite vegetation usually gets photographed cooked and on a plate LOL) but darn you are definiately converting me!!!
    Cool photo.. no, I mean… er HOT photo.. well you know what I mean 🙂

    • LOL! You crack me up, Kiwi!! I’ll be doing my best to completely convert you!

      Thank you so very, very much!! 😀

  18. fantastic tones! amazing how it’s almost all blue but it doesn’t feel cold at all to me.

    something about the color just makes me want to eat them. is that weird?

    • Thanks, Stephen! 🙂

      For you, nope, not weird at all! The color is really amazing and I think they look to be ‘sugared’ like candy, so maybe that’s it?

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