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By popular demand request, I’ve put together a slideshow showing wider views of my garden landscape. You are welcome to stay as long as you’d like (and feel free to leave your generous donations by the side gate when you go). 😉

Enjoy! 🙂

Please Note: Unfortunately, I cannot control how quickly the images advance. If you hover your mouse over the slideshow area, a set of controls will display allowing you to STOP the auto advancement of the images. Then, you can use the forward and back arrows to scroll through the images at your leisure.

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  1. That is awesome. I could really get used to a back yard like that. No wonder you have lots of woodland creatures visiting so regularly. Alas, my small yard w/ the 12′ sound wall will do fine for now. 🙂

    • Thanks much, Sean! All of this doesn’t come without a price…it’s alot of work at times but I figure, the more I keep my hands dirty, the more appreciative I staay with what I’ve been blessed with. It has been a joy to see the entire landscape come to life over the years. Gardens are never ‘done’! 🙂

  2. Wow, this is my total dream yard. I remember we were going to buy a house with a yard similar to this and we procrastinated for such a long time that someone else took it. Beautiful, I can see you getting inspired in your own backyard everyday, what a treat.

    • Thank you, Consuelo! It is certainly our little piece of paradise! 🙂

  3. Your yard is absolutely gorgeous – the slideshow is a great idea.

    • Thank you, Gracie – for stopping by and commenting! Much appreciated! 🙂

  4. ♥♥♥♥♥
    beautiful enough to make every arboretum and botanical garden jealous 😉

  5. A beautiful garden you have there with some peaceful and dreamy “corners”. I would LOVE to have such a garden.

    • Thank you, Tomas, you are very perceptive! I think of parts of the garden as ‘rooms’ – each with a personality and opportunity for surprise all their own. Trust me – you would much prefer to visit such a garden than maintain it! 🙂

  6. Lovely. I’m not a gardener myself (luckily, since I live in an apartment), but I enjoy other people’s, especially when I don’t have to help weed and water them 🙂

    • Thanks, JP! I never was a gardener until we bought this house (yikes – 16 years ago) and about 3 years into it, I was HOOKED! It really is a sickness. 😉

      So glad you enjoyed the tour! 🙂

  7. I think I could be very happy spending my summmers lounging in your yard! It looks like what I wish mind would look like “when it grows up” – but we’ve been here 18 years, lol. Love the shape of the pool!

    • You are so kind, Karen! Thanks! If you want to ditch the kids for a summer…. 😉

      My garden is alot of work. I’m not quite as happy with it when I’m hauling 10 yards of mulch (or handwatering newly planted trees when we are in the middle of a rain drought!!) 😀

  8. You have a lovely garden!!

  9. This is your home and garden??? I am soooo jealous!! What a photographic playground!! Can I come over for tea and maybe a swim? 🙂

    • Yes, I tell no lies! 🙂 Thanks!

      Sure! C’mon over anytime! Do you really want tea?? The usual fare around here leans more towards a glass of prosecco!

  10. I’ll join the chorus and say…what a cool place. 😉

  11. What a lovely garden! Thank you for the tour, it was a great experience! (and I’m really trying NOT to be envious 😉 )

  12. When’s the party? My summer calendar is filling up fast. 😉

    If I was a squirrel or a bird, this would be prime real estate, indeed. Your labors have paid off beautifully!

    • Oh, Scott…it’s a party 24/7! So, stop by anytime! 😉

      Yeah, the creatures are certainly spoiled as I was well aware of this morning when I went outside and was greeted by chipmunks and squirrels looking for peanuts!

      Thanks, Scott! 🙂

  13. Wow Tracy, that’s some pretty amazing place you have there… It’s no wonder you have such an abundance of wildlife in your garden… I don’t think you’d ever get me out of the garden were it mine… Thanks so much for the tour.. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Brian! You are so kind! I bet you can picture your kids running around the yard and swimming in the pool, eh? 🙂

      You’d have much in common with the critters here…they don’t seem to want to leave either (well, except for that pesky male cardinal!) 😉

  14. Are you kidding me? You live there? Can I move in too? LOL MY GOD IT’S SO GORGEOUS! I love the fact you have lots of green there, it’s like… wow! I can’t put into words how much I love green areas and landscapes like this! It’s so lovely. 🙂

    That’s it. I’m packing.

    • LOL! You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words! If we don’t get some needed rain soon, the ‘green’ areas will all be brown!

      No problem, Babs. As long as you don’t mind sharing the space with all the critters (including the resident cat), and helping out with the chores like weeding and watering, and you don’t mind living in a small space (ironically, our house is quite small and modest in comparison to the landscape) then, sure, come on over! 🙂

  15. Nice place – and a little envy from my postage stamp yard.

  16. What a beautiful piece of Heaven on Earth you have there Tracy! I can’t even imagine how much work that garden is for you…..but I know it’s a labor of love and it shows.

    • Thank you, Carol!

      Yes, ALOT of work, but all that fades away on days like today when everything is just beautiful! 🙂

  17. Wow – beautiful!


  18. Can you come do my landscaping?

    Your yard looks so inviting. You’ve done a great job. Thanks for letting us see it. I love the ducks!!!!!

    • Ha! Sorry Jan, as I must decline! My landscape is already more than I can handle!

      Thanks so much! The ducks are very appropo as, for one summer a couple of years back, we had a Momma Mallard with 8 ducklings in tow visit us every day. Was too cute! 🙂

  19. Thank you for showing your wonderful garden – and for showing how love and respect for nature (and hours of wonderful hard work) can result in a true lovestory. I bet you can´t stay in a sunbed for long, before you start thinking about plans concerning your animals, trees, flowers, and whatever you have in your little paradise. I am most inspired, and will do my best to copy just a little bit of your energic style. I´ll let you know if it works.

    • Aw, thanks so much, Birgitte! You are truly kind.

      You are right…the critters usually want some attention from us! I’m actually not one to lay out in the sun (fair skin and all). I’d much rather be swimming in the pool or puttering around the garden.

      SO glad I inspired you! The trick is to look at a garden like an extension of your living space. And remember, it’s YOUR garden, so whatever YOU like will work! Good luck! 🙂

  20. wow.

    i tried to find the post where i asked for the wide shots, because i remember your response being kind of “wellll, it doesn’t really look that good from the wide angles,” to which i declaim NAYE. it looks quite amazing!

    i want to steal the scene from pic 6 and take it for myself because it is too perfect, down to the chipped, fading blue paint on the …dresser(?).

    the cedar birdfeeder is really awesome.

    • Ha! Thanks, Stephen!

      I did find it challenging to get wide shots. In photos, the yard is appearing a bit larger than it really is. It actually is quite cozy!

      That little grey shed gets a lot of love. 🙂 The ‘dresser’ is simply a distressed wood storage bin (it is where we keep all the critter seed/corn as well as some hand tools). We found it many, many, many years ago in a small store in New Hampshire and just loved the look. Over the years, the critters have done some damage to it BUT it has managed to keep them out of the seed! Anyways…steal away!

      The branches on the cedar feeder is one of my most favorite elements. The birds really love to hop and sit and it makes for a great view from our kitchen window. I’ve actually added a few more branches to fill in the holes that became evident to me when looking at the photos!

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