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Consuelo’s comment on ‘Shoobie Doobie Dew’ must be on my mind as I couldn’t help but think of greeting cards when I saw this image:  

"One of a Kind" (Eastern Cottontail Rabbit with Garden Sculptures) Nikon D300, 340mm (200-400mm w/1.7x teleconverter), F/6.7, 1/125s, -0.3EV, ISO 500, Silver Efex Pro 'Antique Plate I' Filter

Inside: In a world filled with phonies, I’m so glad you’re the real thing. 🙂


  1. I thought maybe you were doing the cover for the next printing of Watership Down. You should get on Hallmark’s list of greeting card writers. That’s a good one. 🙂

    • Ooooooh, nice reference Scott! I didn’t even think of that!

      Thanks! Once art show season is over, I will look into it. 🙂

  2. Ha! That’s cute! And what a fun capture. Did you bait that bunny with something tasty to nibble or did he/she show up there on its own?

    • Thanks! I’ve had this shot in mind for years. Never really thought it would happen! I do wish the bunny was closer to the other two, but, it’s not like I could pose him/her!

      Nope, no baiting here. The rabbit just showed up and started laying next to the statues. At one point, it was digging and rolling around in the dirt! It even went over and sniffed/kissed the standing one. It might have actually thought it found some friends! What is funny (to us) about this shot is, that exact spot is where our cat Cleo likes to sit to watch the critters at the feeder. We’ve often referrred to her as the ‘third rabbit’. I guess word got out in the bunny world and they decided to do something about it! 🙂

      • You should do a follow-up shot of Cleo sitting there! (or maybe you already have and I haven’t seen it yet in the archives?)

      • I do have some of Cleo with the bunny sculptures, from a few years back. I’ve never put them on the blog…they just seemed… out of context. I always wanted the real bunny.

  3. That is so cute!! At first I didn’t even realize that there’s a real bunny in there!

  4. You have a double thumbs up from my daughter and niece. Also, they gave you an awwwwwwwww….

  5. So cute,- though I feel a bit sorry for the real rabbit, it must have been a bit disappointed. (Just fun, I know they use their nose to find friends)
    Your idea with the card will surely be a big succes, photos and text are going so well together, I´m sure you will sell tons of them!

    • No worries, Birgitte! The rabbit didn’t seem to mind. I think it was simply looking for a cool spot to get out of the heat.

      Thanks! 🙂

  6. Great shot, Tracy, and the treatment really works here. Sweet.

  7. I’m so glad to see you didn’t lower the tone by posting the shot of mr real bunny…. ummmm… playing leapfrog with the sculptures… lol… Great catch Tracy…

    • LOL! How do you know the bunny isn’t a girl??

      Thanks, Brian! 🙂

  8. I’d buy it! I went back and forth on whether or not one of the bunnies was the real deal – thankfully the other comments have shown me I’m not the only one 🙂

    • Noted! Maybe I’ve stumbled upon some avenue for my work?? I’ll have to keep this in mind!

      Yep, I assure you the rabbit on the left IS the real deal! Those sculptures are pretty convincing tho, huh? Now you can see why the li’l bunny was confused!

      Thanks JP! 🙂

  9. That is absolutely adorable – maybe you should send it to Hallmark, I’m sure they would love to publish cards with this image.

    • Thank you, Lynn! It’s not as easy as that, unfortunately, but I do plan on looking into the process once art show season is over.

  10. I think you got a great capture there, although I don’t know how you did it without the “real” bunny running off. Your choice of black and white was also a good choice on this one. Nice work.

    • Thank you, Mike! Much appreciated!

      Well, that’s the beauty of a long lens… the bunny didn’t even know I was there! 🙂

  11. i have been following this blog for some time now, good job by the way

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