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“Need a Hug?” (Snowshoe Siamese Cat) Nikon D300, 105mm, F/3.2, 1/100s, -0.3EV, ISO 640

After the day I’ve had, here is one sure thing that makes it all better…

Well, that and alcohol.

And chocolate.

Yes, definitely chocolate.

Lots of chocolate.

Alcohol and chocolate.

Yeah, that might do it…



  1. Lovely… so… is it a chocolate-point Siamese cat?

    • Thanks, Val.

      Cleo is actually a Seal-Point Snowshoe. But wouldn’t that have been so appropo! 🙂

  2. Alcohol and chocolate. mmmm sounds like my kind of evening 😉 Sorry you’ve had a bad day, but what a fantastic fuzzy kitty you have. Those eyes are so captivating… lucid pools I want to dive right into. So pretty!

    • Thanks, Amber!

      Yep, after posting I had a nice slice of chocolate cake with white icing…..sooooo yummy. The alcohol was nothing special…just Captain Morgan and Coke. Ate and drank while toes dipped in the pool. I’m feeling better now. 🙂

      Cleo is certainly a beauty (she got the looks in the family 😉 ). Good thing she never has to worry about anything except being the good l’il kitty that she is. Somehow, she always seems to sense when I’ve had the kind of day that beats me up. She doesn’t say much (uncommon for a Siamese, I know) but she speaks volumes with those eyes.

  3. What a great photograph, I agree family pets make you feel a lot better. That and chocolate and alcohol and a bag of chips with dip. Hope you are feeling better.

    • Thank you, Consuelo! She is my little sweetie BUT at times the day simply requires that little something more. Yes, today is better. But the day is still young…

  4. I’d take a hug from him/her any day.

    • And she would hug you back! Cleo is the first cat I’ve had that actually hugs me! She drools, too. Such a cutie! 🙂

  5. Sorry about the crummy day! Hope today is better. I’ve got an awesome margarita recipe that really helps out on those kinds of days if you are ever interested! 😉

    I love all the variations of color on her eyes up close! They are much like human blue eyes (like mine!) from a distance they appear simply blue, but up close you see the swirls of green and varying shades of blue throughout the iris.

    • Thanks, Karma! I have no shortage of alcoholic options but thanks anyways!

      You must have LOVELY eyes! But I agree, her eyes are just amazing. As she ages, they get a little bit more faded in color each year so you can just imagine how beautiful they once were. Some days, she helps keep me sane. At the very least, she reminds me that all the crapola is simply that. Crapola. I have her and Jim and that is all that really matters.

      Yes, today is better. Can only go up, right? 🙂

  6. I hope your kitty helped to chase away the blues along with a chocolate enriched alcoholic beverage. 🙂

    For me, I’ll take a cold beer. Bottoms up!

    • Yes, she did, Scott – thanks! She understands her role quite well. 🙂

      My poison was chocolate cake and Captain ‘n Coke. But, a chocolate-enriched beverage, now that would have been most welcome!

      Beer…yuck. Never touch the stuff. 😉

      • Haha I agree, beer is gross! Oh, and Captain & Coke is even better with VANILLA Coke!

      • I agree! Except, we use Coke Zero and add Vanilla Syrup to it! That way, you get as much vanilla flavor as you want!

        See? We’d get along splendidly!! 🙂

  7. Alcohol and chocolate sounds good to me! Hmm… maybe we should change our travel plans? 😉
    Cleo has such pretty eyes!

    • Hmmm, maybe you should! I think you and I would get along quite nicely!

      Cleo thanks you! 🙂

  8. Oh alcohol… what’s that? It has been 9 mos since I have seen the stuff. That may be the one thing that pushes me to get this baby OUT. But chocolate and I have been good friends throughout.

    I hope the night turns out better than the day was.

    • LOL! I totally forgot to congratulate you on your pregnancy! It will be awhile before you can embibe but thank goodness you can still have chocolate! 🙂

      Thanks, Amy! Yes, things are MUCH better. Phew!

  9. Love those eyes…so captivating!!

    • Thank you! She uses them, too…has us both completely wrapped! 🙂

  10. We have a male snowshoe…darn thing. But their eyes are amazing.

    • Lucky you!

      I wouldn’t trade Cleo for the world! She expresses so much in those eyes and is such a sweet thing!

  11. very cool. looks like she has galaxies swimming in her eyes.

    chocolate cake with white icing and a rum and coke all sound really good. reeeeally good.

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