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Well, for my book, actually. 🙂

Blurb’s 2010 Photography Book Now competition is now closed, but the fun is just starting. People’s Choice Award voting is OPEN now through August 20th.

Here’s your opportunity to have your voice heard!

Please help a girl out and cast your vote for my book, Child’s Play.

I’d be eternally grateful. 😀


  1. I already voted 🙂 … yesterday I think? Or maybe the day before? Can’t even rememer anymore LOL but I voted.

  2. LOL… Unashamed garnering of votes… I like your style… 😉

    • Ha! Yes, I seem to have no shame anymore.

      Sooooo, did you vote?? 😉

  3. I’m trying to vote for you but I am encountering technical difficulties. First I had to create an account – check
    Then I had to verify my email – check
    Then I tried to vote for you and on that page it keeps tellling me I have to verify my email! Quite frustrating!

  4. I fixed it! Voted! 🙂

  5. Voted, good luck!

  6. Looks like an excellent book. I voted 🙂

  7. Voted. Good luck.

  8. I voted and I plan to buy this book soon. I love the images and the memories you’ve shared in it. 🙂

  9. I voted Tracy. Good luck!!

  10. Hi Tracy, I voted, good luck 🙂

  11. Just registered with Blurb and voted for your book, Tracy. When can I expect my check to arrive? 😉

    • Thanks, Dave! Much appreciated!

      Oh, just keep checking your mailbox and I’m sure the cheque will arrive soon. Better yet, you should stand there day after day in anticipation of its arrival! 😉

  12. Voted! Good luck. Love the rose also.

  13. GOOD LUCK!! unfortunately, i accidentally voted for myself when i had an i-wonder-what-this-thing-is moment and clicked it on my own page. i totally would have voted for you though, if it’s any consolation.

    • LOL! I forgive you since the EXACT same thing happened to ME! I totally would have voted for your book but well, I, too, had a ‘moment’. 😉

      Oh, and thanks for the luck! I think I am going to need it! 😀

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