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I cannot tell you what a pleasant surprise it was this morning to waken to find it had rained overnight! And not the ‘8-inches-in-an-hour-so-everything-floods’ kind of rain, but, finally, a steady, ‘thirst-quenching-right-down-to-the-roots’ soak.

Such a relief! 🙂

“Raindrops on Roses” (David Austin English Rose ‘Tamora’) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/14, 1/60s, ISO 640

The air smelled alive and every plant, shrub and tree seemed to revel in the most-needed moisture. Perhaps Mother Nature hasn’t forsaken us afterall? 

This is going to be a good day. 🙂


  1. This is a beautiful shot of the rose. Love the black background.!

    • Thank you! Your kind comments are very much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Stunning picture! The DOF is absolutely perfect!

    • Thank you! I’ve been having a ‘dry spell’ so to speak so the rain last night did wonders for my soul as well as my landscape! 🙂

      (P.S. I’ll take perfect anyday!)

  3. Gorgeous, as usual! 🙂
    I’m curious as to how you achieved the background color.

    I’m surprised that you were surprised it rained last night! I know we live a couple hours apart but it was a rather vicious sounding thunderstorm here around 11pm.

    • Thanks, Karma!

      My yard has lots of shade due to tall, old trees. The light tends to shine down and ‘spot light’ things while keeping the background fairly dark. I’ve also been playing around lately with ‘Spot Metering’ and in this shot, focussing on the main drop up towards the top, the camera ignored the shade and didn’t overexpose for it, keeping the background dark.

      I think my surprise comes from the fact that the meteorologists are typically WRONG and we’ve not gotten any rain lately when they say we are! Also, last night I had the AC unit on in the bedroom as well as my earplugs so, the house could have caved in and I probably wouldn’t have heard it! 🙂

  4. Okay, now. where are the “whiskers on kittens”? I need to try out one of those macro lenses. Love the detail and your use of the light.

    We must be taking all your rain here in NY. Have had lots of it over the last couple of weeks.

    • LOL! Well, Cleo isn’t very accomodating as we all know so it may be awhile! Thanks, Scott! 🙂

      Yeah, you New Yorkers like to keep things for yourself!! No fair!

  5. Well, looking at this fabulous composed and coloured picture of the rose – I’m ALMOST looking foreward to the rain here tomorrow 😉

    • Ha! Not sure I’d go that far but, it is nice to know you can already see the silver lining! 🙂

  6. Oh wow! Soooo beautiful! Love the color of this rose.

    • Thanks, Michaela!

      Hope you are having fun on your vacation! 🙂

  7. Beautiful capture Tracy. I love detail of the rain drops on the petals.

    • Thank you, Consuelo! I thought the drops looked as though they were dancing along the petals…oooh, I should have called this ‘rain dance’! 🙂

  8. Beautiful, Tracy! Lovely colours and light and the background story makes it even better. Great work!

    • Thank you, Tomas! It is one spectacular rose and it SMELLS wonderful! 🙂

  9. The colors in this rose amaze me…the lighting is very well done.

    • It is a stunning rose and many of the blossoms vary in color, which is a nice surprise. The scent is amazing, too!

      Thanks, BM! 🙂

  10. Absolutely gorgeous macro, love the rain drops!

  11. Funny how it seems to be too much rain, or no rain at all. lol. Nice steady rain is sooo nice….for everyone and everything. I can imagine how wonderful and fresh your garden must have smelled. mmmmm….. Beautiful rose. Love how it is glistening in the aftershower.

    • Exactly! Alas, my garden is looking a bit sad these days. Hard to keep up with the watering needs and once pots get dried out it is a difficult task to bring them back. I went out to the local nursery today to see if I could find some bargains to refresh things but their pots were looking as sad as mine.

      Thanks, Amber! Always good to see you here! 🙂

  12. It’s certainly much nicer to wake up finding it’s rained overnight, than it is to wake up and find it’s STILL hammering it down… which unfortunately is more often the case here.. lol.. Glad your flowers grabbed some welcome relief though… Love the droplets…

    • Oh, so very true!

      Thank you, Brian! As always, much appreciated! 🙂

  13. What a lovely photo in every way.

    • Muchos gracias, Birgitte! (just thought I’d mix it up a bit…) 😉

  14. WOW!!!

  15. Nice shot!

  16. Lucky morning for you indeed. Fabulous detail in the shot. Around August, I almost forget what rain is like.

    Hopefully the rest of the day was as good as you were hoping.

    • Thanks, Sean! Yes, things are looking up. I guess once in awhile you have to hit bottom to truly appreciate what is out there.

      One thing that helps is getting out and finding new inspiration. Many plants are on sale at the nurseries so I’ve been able to replenish some items that were looking rather sad due to lack of rain. New things to photograph indeed! I also picked up two plants SPECIFICALLY designed to attract hummers. I’m not giving up! 🙂

  17. gorgeous! the contrast with the background makes it bright and vibrant!

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