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A butterfly flitting through the landscape never ceases to amaze me. No matter what I’m doing, I’ll stop and call out, ‘Oooooh, a butterfly!’ as if I’m a child seeing one for the first time. They are just that magical.

Now, I can’t tell you the last time I saw an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail around here, but I know when I last photographed one! 🙂

"Eye of the Tiger" (Eastern Tiger Swallowtail with Pink Delight Buddleia) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/3.5, 1/200s, -0.7EV, ISO 500

It was a lovely day in early August when the butterfly bushes were just coming into bloom. And as if the flower spikes weren’t pretty enough, along came the butterflies to crank it up a notch. Boom! Just like that, the chase was on. 🙂

And a chase it was! If you’ve ever tried photographing butterflies, you know how difficult it is to keep up with these erratic fliers. But if you are patient and take LOTS of photos, you just might be rewarded with a little piece of heaven.


  1. Wow, two days in a row! 😉
    I spent a lot of time with butterflies this summer, so I totally know the feeling. This shot was worth waiting for. I love the detail on the face.

    Have you ever seen the Dunkin Donuts commercial with the soccer coach with little kids and dozens of butterflies? The kids are excitedly chasing the butterflies yelling “Ooh, butterfly!” while the poor coach half-heartedly tries to get her team back on track while sipping her DD iced coffee. It’s very cute.

    • Can you tell I feel a little guilty? 🙂 (I’m actually hoping to make it THREE days in a row but THAT will depend greatly upon me finishing up packing!

      I have not seen that commercial – sound hilarious! We are a DVR family and rarely watch live TV so we miss most commercials these days…

      Thanks, Karen! I waited this long to post this butterfly shot because I always held out hope that I’d catch really great shots of the Monarchs, Viceroys, etc. Never did happen…

  2. WOW!!! Now THAT is FOCUS! Perfection! 🙂

    The easiest time of day to photograph butterflies is early in the morning, when it’s still chilly outside. They move a bit slower then. 🙂

    • But early in the morning is when I’m all sleepy and tend to mover slower, too… 😉

      Thank you , Michaela! Perfection, huh? I’ll take it! 🙂

  3. We both posted butterfly wings today.

  4. I think he’s got something between his teeth, Tracy. 😉
    Very nice catch.

    • LOL! I can always count on you to write something that catches me completely off-guard! Hilarious!

      Thanks, Dave! 🙂

  5. Oh this is just so gorgeous. The focus on it’s body is perfect! Well caught!!

  6. Lovely! I particularly like the out of focus wings spreading across the shot.

  7. Ooh, a butterfly! And a wonderful one at that. Great catch, Tracy. I love butterflies. Just don’t tell the boys down at the club. 😉

    • Thanks, Dave! Two comments on one post – I’m honored!

      No worries…your secret is safe with me. 🙂

      • LOL… oops! I completely forgot I’d commented already. It’s a great shot, that’s why.

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