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…and I’m ready to fly! 🙂

The leaves are not yet changing in our area, but the hydrangeas are!

“Endless Summer” (Hydrangea macrophylla, ‘Bailmer’ Endless Summer) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/5, 1/250s, ISO 640

Believe it or not, this is the same hydrangea that was oh so very blue back in June! Oh, how the times change!

See you in 10 days! 🙂


  1. Have a great trip! Tell Mickey I’ll be down to see him soon, too!

  2. How very lovely. Have a fun trip 🙂

  3. Beautiful, have a great trip.

  4. Soft little things…like a kitten’s head.

  5. enjoy the break!

  6. Enjoy!

  7. They’re so beautiful, and your focus is great here.
    TEN DAYS??? That’s just way too long for me to have you gone! 😉

  8. Have a wonderful time in the land of the mouse. Hope to see some cool pics upon your return!

  9. Hope you have an amazing vacation… 🙂

  10. Thanks so much everyone!! I’ve hijacked hubby’s iPad for a few minutes hence this all encompassing reply. Vaca ia going splendidly! GREAT weather, GREAT food and GREAT wine! Full relaxation mode has certainly set in. 🙂

    I’ve been taking quite a few photos but have no means to view or edit them so I’ve no idea if there are any keepers. All I know is I’ve been doing my best to see WDW with fresh eyes, seeking out new photo subjects and ops, all the while trying out different color options available on my camera. No rules is the theme of this trip! Now, whether any of it works, well, that remains to be seen!

    Hugs to everyone! 🙂

    • One word…laptop!

      Okay a few more. Use the iPad’s camera connection kit and then find some photo editing apps. Also, there is a WordPress app (free!) you can use to create blog posts.

      But, really, you just keep on relaxing and enjoying the No Rules photography.

      • Yeah, I could have done all that (and we did bring a laptop last year) but I decided to REALLY relax THIS vacation!

        It has been CHAOS since getting home late Saturday. Still catching up and haven’t even LOOKED at anything I shot. And contractors for the kitchen reno are imminent…

  11. Not sure where you’re going/have gone as I’m behind on visiting your blog, but I hope you have a great trip wherever it is!

    Despite saying I don’t tend to notice Hydrangeas, this is not true when they’re this lovely soft pinky lavendar colour. Oh – and a few weeks ago I noticed a stunning one in a garden centre, so I may be changing my mind about them!

    This is beautiful.

  12. Welcome back. I’ve missed you but I must say that I so loved that image of the blue morning glory that I kept stopping by just to see it. Love the hydrangea.

  13. Thanks Tammy and Val! Trip was fantastic and we’ve returned to complete chaos! Lots of catching up to do and I hope to start posting pics again soon!

  14. That’s a nice picture of the hydrangea.

    • Thank you! How sweet of you to visit and comment!

      Your photos are lovely! I really like your take on nature photography! Beautiful work! 🙂

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