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"These Boots Were Made for Walkin in Snow" (Oscar Sport Apres Ski Boots) Nikon D300, 29mm, F/5, 1/13s, ISO 640, Nik Color Efex Pro Vignette Blur

“These Boots Were Made for Walkin in Snow” (Oscar Sport Apres Ski Boots) Nikon D300, 29mm, F/5, 1/13s, ISO 640, Nik Color Efex Pro Vignette Blur

I may have to shovel but nothin’ says I can’t be stylish while doing so! 🙂


(And, YES, boys…these not only look super cute but they are warm, waterproof, skid proof and comfortable!)


  1. Wow they don’t look waterproof! But they do look very cozy! Where’d you get them?

    • Oh, they are cozy…like wearing slippers! I’ve worn them twice now outside and my feet were warm and toasty (I am acutally wearing them now since they are so very comfy).

      Believe it or not, I found these ON CLEARANCE (gasp!) at our local Marshall’s and had NO IDEA at the time just how fabulous they were! I only knew (from the attached tags) that the were handmade in Italy, were lined with Italian Wool and both the fur (real) and leather on the outside come from after products left over from the food industry. When I got home, I looked up the brand on the internet and, even though I couldn’t find this particular style, I was shocked at the DEAL I got on them as the boots go for somewhere in the $250-$350 range! I love a bargain! PLUS, they match my new North Face coat splendidly… 🙂

      All I need now is a really cute (and warm) hat… 😉

  2. I miss those boots and the woman who wears them. You now have MORE in common with Cleo!


    • The boots and the woman are where you left them.

      Yeah, if I get a pair of white mittens we could almost be twins…

  3. Surely it’s best to get someone else to shovel, whilst you kick back and relax with a steaming mug of coffee… avec boots… in a purely supervisory role, as you always need someone to play the role of safety officer… At least that’s what I told my wife when it snowed here… You’ll be pleased to hear that her blisters from all that shovelling have now healed though… 😉

    Btw… They do look nice and snug… 🙂

    • LOL, Brian!

      Yeah, I agree, but sometimes one is left with no other choice. Are you applying for the job? (or offering the shovelling services or your wife??) 😉 I can certainly supervise (either of) you while I kick back with a mug of cocoa (not a coffee drinker). Glad to hear your wife survived your ordeal of 4 inches…;-)

      Thanks, B! 🙂

  4. Now these I like. I am wearing hand me downs from my grandkids. 🙂

    • Methinks if I lived closer these boots would be pilfered! They are the best snow boots I have ever owned.

      Yikes! At least tell me the hand me downs are from Lindsay??

        • Mom
        • Posted January 13, 2011 at 5:42 pm
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        Yes they did come from Lindsay, who got them from Bryan, who got them from David, and I probably bought them in the first place.

      • Ha! Well at least you can’t complain about them now can you? 😉

  5. I love your boots! They really do look warm and cozy… my feet have been freezing ALL day, even with three pairs of socks! My boots are currently in front of a heat lamp, in the hopes that they will be nice and toasty when I have to get Melissa from school.

    • Thanks, M!

      Ugh…yeah I know the feeling. I typically have to wear 2 pairs of socks with my other boots. I swear with these new ones, I could wear NO SOCKS and they’d still be warm! That wool lining is the best! Those Italians know how to make boots! 🙂

  6. Oh yeah, you are TOTALLY stylin’

  7. They look awesome (but I’d be too terrified of getting them dirty to wear them!) 🙂

    • Thanks, JP! No worries there! I shot this after wearing these outside in the snow and what is great about them is that all the water and dirt simply wipes right off! Now, I won’t be trucking through the mud with these as I like them too much for that but I think they are so well made that I could!

  8. Marshall’s advertises they pick up those overrun deals. The commericals are rather as cute as your boots. I am picturing a warehouse full of these boots that were mistakenly ordered in April of last year.

    Not only are you stylin’, you were smart about it.

    • I love their commercials! I also love shopping there because the quality I find for the prices just can’t be beat. They have spoiled me for sure!

      I also like one-of-a-kind items and these were the only pair on the shelf. And, in my size. Methinks it was meant to be!

      Thanks, Scott! I like to think so! 🙂

    Brand please? 🙂

    • Oh,wait….dur!
      You put it in the caption. I am a dufus. 😉

      • YOU are not a dufus! YOU were just so overcome by my stylin’ boots that you simply lost all manner of brain function!

        Glad you figured it out! I have NOT been able to find them on-line (well, this particular style). Oscar Sport does seem to make a bunch of super cute styles. If I were you, I’d get thee to your local Marshalls (or TJMaxx) and see if they have any of the Oscar Sport boots left on clearance!

    • You can’t have them. They’re mine. 🙂

      They are Oscar Sport Apres Ski Boots…I don’t know the style name. 😦

  10. Get out… you do not wear those to shovel snow in… do you?? : ) Lovely photo of them!!

    • I most certainly do! They are the warmest, most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned…

      Thanks, KC! 🙂

  11. Tres chic!

  12. Ooooh, love these boots..I want to get a pair now 🙂

    • Ha! I was waiting for you to comment, Consuelo! Ever since you posted the pic of you in your super cute boots, I’ve been secretly wanting a pair of my own! When I saw these in the sea of black boots on the shelf, in my size and how they’d match my new coat perfectly, well, it was fate! Yesterday, I went searching for some hats and found a couple of cute (and warm) ones to complete the outfit. I just might turn into a winter person yet!

      Thanks, Consuelo! 🙂

  13. Very stylish, indeed. I would say too nice to wear outside, they will be perfect at an ice-bar, I mean with everything made out of ice. Do you by the way have that kind of bar? There is one in Copenhagen. Or better, the Icehotel in Sweden. Your boots are made for a visit there!

    • I’ve worn these boots everywhere and I love them! So well made and so warm and comfy (I’ve been getting many compliments). BUT, I will NOT wear them in the mud, no ma’am! That would ruin them for sure!

      I don’t know of any ice bars here – I think they are only located where it is really, really cold all the time. I’ve heard (and seen on tv) the ice bars and the ice hotel. I don’t think I would enjoy it all that much – I’d be inquiring, “Excuse me, where’s the fireplace?” 😀 BUT, I do agree that if I were to go to one these are the perfect boots to wear! Thanks, Birgitte! 🙂

  14. waterproof, huh? how about you fill those suckers up with cocoa and let someone else (*coughusbandcough*) do the dirty work. 🙂

    i really like how the post assumes all the boys reading immediately wonder “yeah, but are they skidproof?”

    • I soooooo hear ya! However, I had no choice as hubby was out of town (convenient, eh?)

      C’mon now. I know you were thinking, ‘typical girl, gets purty boots when after 5 minutes she’ll be complaining she is cold and her feet hurt!’ I may be fashionable but I’m also smart about it! 🙂

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