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I’m sure this little gal will give our mailperson a chuckle (or two) when she walks up our front steps today! 🙂

"Welcome Home" (Snowman on Steps) Nikon D300, 105mm, F/5.3, 1/640s, ISO 200

Now, I would have loved to have constructed an entire army of these (ala Calvin and Hobbes style) but the temps were bitter cold and the snow wasn’t quite the right constency to easily hold together. Some day…


  1. LOL That cute little face just HAS to add a smile to your posties face!
    (It did to mine). Our snow disappeared Christmas Day but I’m very much enjoying yours from afar, especially as I don’t have to go out into any.
    Have fun and keep warm!!!

  2. That is snow cute!!
    I just adored Calvin and Hobbes – I was heartbroken when Bill Watterson decided to stop drawing it. The snowmen were always hysterical!

    • Thanks, Karma!

      Me, too! We have some of the Calvin and Hobbes books and I still get such a kick out of reading the cartoons! But, handsdown, for me, the snowman ones are just pure genius! 🙂

  3. She’s a beauty! I chuckled when I opened your website!! I think I might have to make one this weekend. : )

    • Thanks, KC! Glad to make you chuckle!

      Oh, you so have to! 🙂

  4. Duh!

  5. cool shot

  6. Beautiful pic!

  7. I have never built a snowman… I am now suddenly feeling deprived. (My friends did once build a snow Dalek and send me pictures… this is as close as I have come.)

    • Never, ever, EVER?? Wow. I think you should give it a try. Start small (this little girl is only about 10 inches/25.4 cm tall) and wear warm gloves/mittens. Some stylish boots wouldn’t hurt either. 😉

      I admit I had to go lookup what a Dalek was (and I’ve watched Dr. Who!). Perhaps my ‘army of snowmen’ could be defending the homestead against an attack of Daleks! 😉

  8. Lol the army of snowmen immediately brought the cartoon image to mind. Cute little guy you had to start.

    • Thanks, Amy! Nice to know others are Calvin & Hobbes fans! 🙂

  9. That is ADORABLE!!! ♥
    I love Calvin & Hobbes, too… my favorite! Melissa has some of the books, too.

    • Thanks, Michaela!

      I hope one day to actually create a living version of the one of the Calvin & Hobbes snowman cartoons! I just think it would be a hoot and with our living on a fairly busy thoroughfare, could give some smiles to the folks passing by! 🙂

  10. Soooo sweet. Thanks for sharing that one.

  11. LMAO… You should have built an army of them indoors (very quickly), and then moved them back outside to their snug little retreat… Love the “hug me” arms… 😉

    • HA! Yeah, I think that would have been more trouble than it was worth! Sadly, my little girl snowman washed away in yesterday’s rain…

      You noticed the arms – yay! I soooo thought that when I put them on her!!

      Thanks, Bri! 🙂

  12. Sooooo cute!!You HAVE to make a little snow army. That would just be awesome. Although I can’t really fathom how cold you’d be. brrrrr… Is it still snowing over there?

    • Thanks, Amber!

      SOME day I WILL. If would have to be a nicer day, with sunshine. Just seems that lately, we’ve had really crappy weather! Not snowing currently, but it WILL be later on today. I think we are getting 3-6 inches more. It looks like this will be a record snowfall winter…

  13. What a very cute little snowlady. If it wasnt for the bricks, one would never know how small she was. I suppose this is your part of the snow-deal we made? At least I have done what I could to make something out of my snow, something special now that I had to compare with you. You know, deciding to make special things always ends in something hopeless, because it never is good enough. My very special snow art was so…special…that I still don´t know what it is. But it was fun to make. Meanwhile, I made two ordinary snowmen, – to calm myself. Perhaps they have invited your snowlady to a party somewhere, at least they have both disappeared. 😉

    • Thanks Birgitte! I really like the idea that our snow people have somehow met up and are now somewhere living it up, snowman-style! 🙂

      Ah, yes, the snow-deal. I did agree to enjoy it a little bit now didn’t I? You’ll need to keep reminding me!

      I don’t agree that deciding to make something special ends up in something hopeless – au contraire! I think putting the time into making something special – no matter how long it lasts – makes the life we lead all that more special. Never stop putting your heart into the things you do! Never! 🙂

  14. i will tell you this: when i saw the scale of the snowlady i immediately thought of calvin and hobbes, and the fact that you made the same connection pleases me greatly!

    i even posted this on flickr a few months ago:

    • Ha! Another Calvin & Hobbes fan – I like it!! For me it is a sickness as I have such a dream of recreating any of the C & H snowman scenes! They crack me up!

      OMG that photo is soooo Calvin in the time machine!! If only your nephew had a ‘Hobbes’! (YOU as the uncle should get him one!)

      BTW…check your text on the flickr post…

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