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“Marble Magic” (Cream Cheese Brownies with Milk) Nikon D300, 150mm, F/5.6, 1/20s, ISO 640, Built-in i-TTL-BL Flash, -0.7EV

Desserts…aaaah, the best part of the meal. 🙂 Well, they were when I was younger.

These days, sweet endings aren’t the status quo, therefore, when I do indulge, they best be special treats! (or, at least, ones that are worth the extra minutes required on the elliptical! 😉 )

Good thing I love to bake since pre-packaged cookies and snack cakes aren’t welcome in our cupboards (too many ingredients born out of a chemistry lab than a kitchen).

First up, one of my favoritesCream Cheese Marble Brownies. Layers of dark chewy chocolate brownies dotted with chocolate chips and topped with ribbons of sweetened cream cheese. No sissy portions here but a nice generous square to be washed down with ice cold milk (of course).

This next one may look like a pre-packaged item but I assure you, it isn’t.

“Fo Hos” (Chocolate-covered, Cream-filled, Vanilla Cake Rolls) Nikon D300, 200mm, F/5.6, 1/20s, ISO 640, Built-in i-TTL-BL Flash, -0.7EV

Inspired by my favorite childhood snack cake, Hostess Ho Hos, these chocolate-covered, cream-filled rolls are beyond tasty! I’ve also made them with chocolate cake (like the original) but discovered that when you only have a yellow boxed cake mix in the pantry, you simply have to rollwith it! 😉

“Salty Sweet” (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream ‘Late Night Snack’) Nikon D300, 130mm, F/5.6, 1/30s, ISO 640

Not all our treats come from my oven.

We are HUGE fans of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and when he recently unveiled the latest Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor created just for the show, we knew we had to try it!

The perfect combination of salty and sweet, Late Night Snack is ‘Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters.’

Yes, folks, you read that correctly: Fudge. Covered. Potato. Chip. Clusters. Genius! 

For a limited time only, so run out to your local grocer and scoop up a pint! 😉

Staying with the ice cream theme, this last image comes courtesy of Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

“Mouse Cream” (Mickey Mouse Sundaes, Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, Disney’s Beach Club Resort) Nikon D300, 62mm, F/2.8, 1/25s, ISO 640

I didn’t sample these Mickey Mouse sundaes but they were simply too adorable(and too colorful) to pass up! 🙂


  1. Oh YUM!!! I gave your post a 5-star rating 🙂
    I’ll take a couple of brownies (but make that chocolate milk, please), and some of those Fo-Ho’s.
    I’m feeling SOOO guilty, because we’ve had way too many cookies in the house lately, and with this other craziness around here, I haven’t NEARLY had enough time at the gym!

    That Mouse Cream looks too cute!

    • WOW – thanks!! 🙂 Chocolate milk is no problem. We aim to please. 🙂

      I’ve been tempted to bake but don’t want to sabotage my workouts. The ice cream has been bad enough! Good thing the pints are small and so far, we’ve only had a few spoonfuls at a time. Moderation, right? 😉

  2. Oh my my my Tracy! It is just before dinner time as I am reading this post and you are not helping my already very empty stomach feel better as I read this! I’d love to try your “Fo Ho” recipe if you’d be willing to share (but definitely with chocolate cake!) and I will have to keep my eyes open for that ice cream. I am intrigued.

    As a fan of Jimmy Fallon, do you just love the movie Fever Pitch? One of my fav’s – for reasons you can guess.

    • I feel your pain – literally! I, too, am STARVING, and I post DESSERTs?? I fear going downstairs since I KNOW that pint of ice cream is just sitting there, oh-so-lonely in the freezer! 🙂

      I’ll have to go search for the Fo-Ho recipe….I know I have one but I think some of the quantities have changed (when I create recipes, I write them down initially and then change them as I make them more and more). This recipe isn’t for the faint of heart as it has some tricky steps and can be time-consuming. It also has some specific ingredients (like the chocolate coating I use) but that doesn’t mean you won’t know of an appropriate substitution. I was really aiming for the Ho Hos taste and feel and the chocolate coating, rather than melted chocolate, simply does the trick. Don’t knock the yellow variety…we were surprised at how tasty it is!

      Yeah, I like Fever Pitch. Who doesn’t love Jimmy and Drew? 🙂

      The ice cream is AMAZING! You’ve got to try it! We found it at S&S who just happen to have Ben & Jerry’s pints on sale this week!

  3. That cake roll looks so good! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks and you’re welcome!

      There are NO calories for just looking! 😉

  4. I have a black and white brownie at Dean & Deluca every once in a while… yours looks very similar. Very delicious looking treats… ALL OF THEM!! 🙂

  5. Oh my. This post is wrong on so many levels. 😉

    Oh well, I don’t start P90X till next week. Guess I’ll go find some cookie dough to munch on!

    Whatever happened to motivating each other to stay active!?? LOL!!

    Great pics and they certainly garnered an emotion on my end!!!

    • Ha! Yeah…. I know…sincere apologies, Derrick! 🙂

      If it helps any, when I was creating the post, the images were killing me! BUT, I resisted temptation and feel pretty good about that so, isn’t that a form of motivation?? 😉

      Have you been staying active?? It’s been a little over 4 weeks for me and I’ve done really well. I was hoping I’d see rapid results but that just isn’t happening. But, muscle tone is starting to return so with that encouraging sign, I will soldier on.

      Thanks, Derrick! 🙂

      • I busted my collarbone learning to ride my motorcycle earlier so I’ve been doing a lot of walking and that’s about it… starting to hit the weights again and as mentioned above, will hit the p90x hard once the videos arrive…. Eating a lot better and drinking more water, so my weight is down a tad, but soooooo much more to go.

      • Yikes! and Ouch! Didn’t your momma warn you about those crazy things??

        Glad to hear you are on the mend. P90X looks really cool…just might work myself up to that one!

      • P90X starts tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll hear the whining all the way up there. 😉

      • Good luck!

        And that’s assuming I could hear you over MY whining… 😉

  6. Those look so yummy, great lighting too

  7. Oh, my! Those Fo-hos look soooo good.
    I’m thinking a cream cheese filling might just send those over the decadent edge. 🙂

    I know what I’m making when my Forty Days is up! 🙂

    • Thank you, KD! Yep, I bet ANY sort of filling would be yummy! My goal with these was to make them as close to the original as I could. BUT, I have thought about mixing it up a bit, like perhaps adding a jelly layer in addition to the cream OR adding peanut butter to the filling and coating in white chocolate….oh the possibilities are endless!

      Ooooh, you are good…I never was able to make it through the 40 days when I was a kid! (eventually, mom gave us a ‘cheat day’ on Sundays to help us along…)

  8. I knew I shouldn’t come look at these photos. They all look delicious but that Ben & Jerry’s? You’re right. GENIUS.

    I’m going to go find a towel now. To wipe away the drool… 😉

    • Thank you, Robin! You crack me up!! 😀

      Seriously…go get that ice cream! Those clusters…OMG….yes, and they do taste like potato chips! With the salted caramel swirl….let’s just say, you will want a moment alone! 😉

  9. I think I’ve gained nearly 20 lbs. just looking at this post! 🙂

  10. Now this is just wholly and entirely unfair… Even though I have more of a savoury than sweet tooth, there are definitely times when I wish my better half were capable of throwing some delectable delights together… Gotta love those Mickey Mouse Sundaes too… LOL…

    • Ha! Yeah, I guess it really is… sorry… not! 😉

      Nothin’ says YOU can’t flex your bakery-like muscles, Bri! 🙂 You just might surprise your better half!

  11. Great pics!!! Please share cream cheese brownie recipe:). Although I may not thank you later when I’m on the treadmill.

    • Thanks, Amy!

      I sent you the recipe via e-mail. Enjoy! 🙂

        • plainmama
        • Posted March 13, 2011 at 11:00 am
        • Permalink

        And they were fabulous!!! Thank you 🙂

      • Wow – that was quick! Sooooo glad it worked out and I very much appreciate your letting me know how they were! You are AWESOME! 🙂

  12. Oh gosh you’re killing me. These all look absolutely divine and I think I’ll go raid my kitchen now for something sweet. YOUR FAULT!

  13. Beaches and Cream is a must each trip to Disney World. Best burgers and shakes on property, IMO.

    You make even chocolate look good, Tracy. 🙂

    • No argument here! We make sure to stop in for a cheeseburger and the occaisional shake (shared, of course as they are HUGE there!). LOVE sitting at the counter where you can chat with the waitstaff…that is how I got the sundae shot. The waitress saw that I was trying to get a shot of them as they sat further away on the counter so she loaded them up onto the tray and brought them over to me before delivering them to their rightful consumers. I thought that was very sweet! 😉

      What? You are one of those that doesn’t like chocolate???

      Thanks, Scott!

  14. Pretty cute little mice there Tracy.

    • Thanks, Tammy! They are indeed!

      I can’t help but think that these are how my cat views the real thing… 😉

  15. Tracy, cream cheese brownies are one of my absolute favorites – yours look very yummy.

    • You are obviously a woman of good taste, Lynn! 😉

      Thanks! They ARE as plainmama above has confirmed!

  16. Those brownies look delish and I’ve got to try that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. My favorite B&J’s is Chubby Hubby. Gorgeous photos, good enough to make me drool. 🙂

    • Oh, you soooo have to, Becky! We’ve got two pints in the freezer! (they were on sale last week at S&S). Also, we just watched Adam Gertler on Food Network’s ‘Kid in a Candy Store’ visit B&J’s as they were creating this exact flavor! 🙂

      Thanks! Drooling is good! Much appreciated! 😀

  17. Ummm… did you write this post just for me…?
    Running out to the store right now to get some Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack, only I will indulge while watching Dave & Craig…


    • Ha! Yes, you’ve found me out, Christine!

      I can’t fool you! 🙂

  18. Not only are you a fantastic photographer…..but you can also bake! Those Fo-Ho’s look amazing!!!!!

    • Wow, thanks so much Carol!!!! Yes, I do love my sweets (as my thighs can attest)! 🙂

  19. the faux-hos look AWESOME. (you might want to check your spelling of “pantry” in the text. unless you didn’t make a mistake, in which case i’m very…confused.) deeelishes!

    • Oh my! Thanks so much for catching that typo!!! Can’t believe no one else did! Funny, huh?

      Fo hos are a wonderful thing…but in small quantities as my hips and thighs are already larger than I’d like… 😉

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