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We attended the most wonderful seminar at the EpCoT International Food & Wine Festival called ‘Taste, Shake and Indulge Like the French’. Billed as a ‘spirited tasting of the No. 1 French liqueur, Grand Marnier’, the seminar did not disappoint!

Before the seminar, I only thought of Grand Marnier as a mixer for cocktails or as a flavoring in some familair dishes (Crêpes Suzette, Duck a l’orange, etc.). After the seminar, I gained a greater appreciation for the orange-flavored spirit and even, learned how to make a yummy and refreshing cocktail!

“Get Smashed” (Grand Smash Cocktail, Grand Marnier Liqueur) Nikon Coolpix S50c, 6.3mm, F/3.3, 1/30s, ISO 200, ‘Vignette Blur’ Filter

I present to you, the Grand Smash.

1½ oz. Grand Marnier®
4 chunks fresh lemon (½ lemon)
6-8 mint leaves
Muddle mint leaves and lemon wedges in a tall mixing glass. Add Grand Marnier® and ice and shake vigorously. Strain over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a fresh mint sprig.
Tasting notes: “Combine Grand Marnier’s richness and complexity with the exciting flavors of lemon and fresh mint and you have a simple formula for an amazing drink. This blend of liquid refreshment tastes delicious no matter what the season.”
I couldn’t agree more. 🙂


  1. Now I want this, and I don’t even particularly like Grand Marnier! Sounds like you had a great time.

    • Ha! Then I’ve done my job, JP! 😉

      Before the seminar, I felt as you do. I assure you, this cocktail is worth picking up a bottle!

  2. No fair sharing that when I’m at work!!

    • What? You can’t rustle up some Grand Marnier, mint and lemon? 😉

  3. Well … isn’t this nifty!

    Rupe’s going to have to give this a whirl …

    • Yes! You must! It sort of feels like an old time cocktail so you also feel all sophisticated when sipping it from the classic rocks glass. Fun! 🙂

  4. Hmmmm… interesting! Is it super-tart with all the fresh lemon or does the Grand Marnier even it out? I wonder if it would taste okay with my “lower shelf” version of GM! 😉

    • Nope, not tart at all! Tastes very refreshing and fruity. We made it with the standard Grand Marnier so no worries there!

  5. Yummy looking photograph – thanks for the recipe!

    • Thanks, Tom! You’re welcome! It’s no fun getting smashed all alone. 😉

  6. Sounds (and looks!) yummy. I may have to give this a try.

    • Oh, you so should! Very simple and makes you feel all elegant and such! 🙂

      • Is it still elegant if I pour all the ingredients straight into my mouth?
        (Um… you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, M.P.)

      • Hell, yeah! 🙂

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