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"Not a Good Sign"

While the concept of the edible birdhouse is sound, it would appear the installation needs some work.

should have realized the beginning of the end when I woke up yesterday morning and saw this:

(Apologies for the poor focus quality of this image as it was shot with a long lens through a not-so-clean window).

Nervously, I watched the grey squirrels for quite some time throughout the day and though they were able to access the pinecones, they appeared to be completely baffled as to how to get to the birdhouses. 

Relief! 🙂

"Chickadee... Check!"

I even felt a surge of hope when I witnessed a visit by an actual bird!

Yippee! 😀

(Again, apologies…long lens, dirty window = blurry-ish image).

After this shot was taken, I moved the camera to our sunroom where I could shoot more clearly. However, not much activity at the houses by either fur or fowl occurred during the rest of the day so I let things be and resumed my regular daily activities.

Fast forward to this morning.


The ‘Fruit & Nut Villa’ was now on the ground and being fought over by several grey squirrels while another was up high feasting upon what I now call the ‘Appetizer’. 😉

See that dangling string on the right? Yep, that is where the villa proudly once hung. Upon closer inspection, the small eye hook was still attached to the string so it clearly wasn’t strong enough to withstand the weight of a plump grey hurling itself onto the roof. The house must have dropped like a hot potato.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for the ‘Skylight Villa’ and ‘Sweetheart Cottage’ to meet the same fate.

"Main Course"

While some of you might have erupted in anger over such an outcome, I found it quite comical to watch the squirrels devour the houses. They really are persistent little beasts! I do take some satisfaction, however, in imagining them now, back at their nests, holding their full tummies and moaning like a group of middle-aged men after an indulgent night of pizza, wings and beer. 😉

When it was all over, each house looked like this:

"Picked Clean"

So, it is back to the drawing board. I already have a new batch of edible glue prepared and ready to go. The houses can be reused (they clean up easily with some hot water and a scrub brush) so another attempt is forthcoming. I simply under-estimated my critters and made it way too easy for them. Yes, they may have won the first battle but what they don’t know is I’m in it for the long haul and it’s time to put my engineering degree to good use.

I just hope they don’t start calling me Wile E. Coyote… 😉


  1. I love squirrels so thy could chew way at mine too! It has to be kinda fun to have them as your challenge 🙂

    • Nice to meet another lover of squirrels! (Soooo many folks hate them). Sometimes we get aggravated with them but they are just so darn cute and are full of personality that we simply can resist spoiling them. They do keep us on our toes! 🙂

  2. Oh those nasty squirrels, eating your cute crafting project. They have no consideration of all your hard work.

    • Ha! Perhaps you could loan me your dog who can guard the houses and keep them safe for the birds? 😉

  3. Poor birds 😉
    Now, I like the idea of ​​chocolate houses! I wonder if the squirrels also will like them?!

    • Don’t worry about the birds too much, Truels. They get lots of treats as well and hopefully, in the next round of edible houses, they will get to enjoy them!

      Hmmm, I don’t know if squirrels like chocolate or not OR if chocolate poison to them just like dogs? In any event, I don’t plan on finding out because I like chocolate and I don’t want to share! 😉

  4. Apologies, but I’m laughing over this. At least I feel a twinge of guilt. Did you have insurance?

    • No need to apologize, Barbara! I, too, think it is hysterical! Glad the squirrels and I could give you a laugh today! 🙂

      Can you IMAGINE that phone call to the insurance company?

      Rep: Good Morning! Thanks for calling Allstate. What can I help you with today?
      Me: Hi, um, yes, could you tell me your insurance rates in the case of squirrel damage?
      Rep: To your primary residence, Ma’am?
      Me: Oh, heavans no. That would be silly. To my edible birdhouses.
      Rep: Uh, excuse me?
      Me: I have three adorable edible birdhouses that I’d like to insure against grey squirrel theft/damage.
      Rep: Seriously?
      Me: Seriously. Have you seen the damage those critters can do?
      Rep: No, Ma’am, I can’t say that I have. Sorry, no, we do not insure birdhouses against squirrel damage. I suggest you invest in a guard dog. Have a nice day.


  5. you know… there’s a way to fix that! 🙂

    Damn squirrels are smart little boogers, aren’t they?

    • You BEST not be talkin’ about a BB gun, Derrick!!

      Yes, they certainly are and I suppose that is why I like them so much! Takes one to know one, right! 😉

      • actually, I was thinking more along the lines of a .22 short! LOL. 🙂

      • Bad, Derrick! Bad, bad Derrick! 😉

      • hehe. Ever had squirrel stew?? It’s really quite good, to be honest. 🙂

      • Lemme guess…tastes like chicken? 😉

      • actually… it tasted a lot like steak. Squirrel stew was made for me by some old timers and it was similar to chicken and dumplings and was surprisingly good for tree rat! 🙂

      • And…. was much, much better than opossum. THAT was gross.

      • Mental note…do NOT eat at Derrick’s house… 😉

      • hehe! The squirrel and opossum were stuff I ate during living history stuff at work. Definitely not on the normal menu at home. 😉 Venison though… can be found. Now I’m getting hungry again and it’s way too late to eat!

  6. Dang Squirrels! They sure are clever.

    • Ha! Yes, they certainly are. Food is apparently a strong motivator! 🙂

  7. That is so funny! I just wrote a post a couple of days ago about squirrels – I had photos of one eating a biscuit. They crack me up and I got such a laugh out of your idea of them sitting around holding their bellies! I can see that! lol : ) Make sure you post shots of the new ‘village’ when you get it up and ready for ‘visitors’… : )

    • Thank you! I agree! 🙂

      I saw your squirrel eating a biscuit! So cute! Ours go crazy over peanuts in the shell as well as waffles, pancakes, crackers, etc. We have very spoiled and very fat squirrels! I photo them all the time – they are so used to me they will run right up! Search on my blog for ‘squirrels’ and you’ll see the greys as well as our ‘Little Reds.’ 🙂

      HA! FINALLY someone read the bellies comment! Thanks for that!

      I am working on new houses now. Once finished, it will take some time for them to dry. The second time around is even better than the first since I’ve learned a few more tricks. 😉 I also love the creative aspect…I get to be a kid again! Thanks for stopping by!

      • After reading your post I was trying to figure out where I could make a little house village of my own. We’re renting a house on a busy street so I don’t have the logistics worked out, but it does look like creative fun. : )

      • It is fun! How about a bracket, the kind used for hanging plants, attached to your place, perhaps just outside a window, high enough up so the squirrels can’t get to it?

  8. What great projects you’ve had! And darned squirrels but they did make for really cuter photos.

    • Thanks so much, Tammy! I thought you might approve…how ‘greener’ can an edible house get? 😉

      Going to try again…I’m a sucker for a challenge!

  9. I’ve got an Acme catalog somewhere around here I can send you. 😀

    The age old battle of humans versus squirrels. My father has been waging it for 40 years. Still losing! LOL

  10. Oh no! The squirrel demo team!
    Those beasts clearly have more appreciation for their stomachs than for fine architectural detail.

    • Ha! 🙂

      Clearly. Can you come over, Sig, and teach them some manners? 😉

  11. Hahaha… They certainly are persistent little buggers aren’t they… but bird seed houses !!… Mefinks you’re nuttier than squirrel poo… 😉

  12. Those houses were adorable, but I think I have to go along with Brian – you were just asking for it from the squirrels! At least you had some entertainment for the afternoon. And I could definitely use some of that squirrel-damage insurance!

    • Thanks, Karma! 🙂

      Yeah, I like to tease the squirrels, I guess. Get them all ‘hooked’ and now, when I hang the new (and improved) houses in a spot where they can’t get them, it will drive them crazy!!

      Aw, I know you love the little furry beasts just as much as I do! 🙂

  13. Squirrels are amazingly adaptive animals, not to mention smart and dexterous.

    • Totally agree, Binky! They provide us with hours of entertainment!

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