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As promised, here are the revelations as to what the images I posted yesterday in Abstract Reality actually are! Everyone had really, really good guesses! I was very impressed! 🙂

First image: Grill Cover Tear

“Fissure” (Grill Cover Tear)

I focussed in tight on that top corner and then converted the image to b&w. Boy, this thing is really in sad shape, huh? 😉

Second image: Rusty Metal Wing of Hummingbird Garden Stake

“Wired” (Rusty Metal Wing of Hummingbird Garden Stake)

I composed this image using just the wing of the hummingbird garden stake. Because the leaf-strewn ground color was so close to the warm colors of the wing I decided to desaturate the entire image and then selectively bring back those wonderful rusted tones of the metal. Works for me! 😉

Third image: Rusty Saw Blade on Dirty Grill Cover

“Rusted” (Rusty Saw Blade on Dirty Grill Cover)

Yep, nothing more than a very rusty saw blade on a very dirty grill cover. Can’t fake this kind of texture! 🙂

Fourth image: Grill Cover Mesh Panel

“Grilled” (Grill Cover Mesh Panel)

Okay, I admit it, this one really wasn’t fair but Scott never said we had to play fair. 😉 Inverting the colors on the mesh part of the grill cover with the very reflective stainless steel behind gave this abstract a sequin-ish look (I really liked that guess, Kiwi! 🙂 )

Fifth image: Star Suncatcher

“Inprismed” (Star Suncatcher)

Going in close on the center portion of a bevelled-glass star suncatcher made for an interesting abstract. Except for the blue center, the glass is actually clear and gains its colors by reflecting all that is around it (green/blue tones from the evergreen trees close by and warm tones from the leaves and cedar mulch that lay below). My, that 105mm lens gives a lovely shallow depth of field at such a close range, doesn’t it? 😉

Sixth image: The Inside of a Sunflower Bird Bath

“Rosebud” (The Inside of a Sunflower Bird Bath)

I figured most would guess this one! (Does it make up for the grill cover mesh image? 😉 ) The inside of my sunflower bird bath has such interesting patterns and textures. Small red buds from the tree overhead added just that tiny pop of needed color.

Seventh image: Water Bottle with Reflection

“I.C.U.” (Water Bottle with Reflection)

My trusty Cool Gear water bottle! LOVE that it is orange and hot pink! (Yeah, sometimes I’m really such a girl). This thing is GIANT and is with me pretty much at all times when home. One evening, it was sitting on my desk when I noticed the light from the monitor was creating an eerie glow as well as a very cool miniature reflection of the bottom ring in the water line above. I played with many different compostions and angles and ended up liking how this one looks cyborgish.

The eighth imagewas fairly obvious: One Red Sneaker, Two White Pant Legs, Three Black Rails

“One Red, Two White, Three Black” (One Red Sneaker, Two White Pant Legs, Three Black Rails)

A pair of legs (if I recall, belonging to a man) wearing white pants and red sneakers. This shot was taken pretty much by accident while watching a parade in the Magic Kingdom and aside from a slight levels adjustment, is straight out of the camera.

So, there you have it, folks! Thanks so much for playing! 😀


  1. nicely done!! I had some of those pretty close to figured out and others not even close!

    • Thanks, Derrick! 🙂

      Ha! Yeah, sure, so he says after the answers are posted!!! 😉

  2. I didn’t see your images beforehand, but they are really neat. I especially like the saw blade one. Looks like the horizon of an alien planet.

    • Thanks so much, Binky! 🙂

      I like that description! Perhaps that is where the cyborg lives? 😉

  3. Have you put that grill to good use this week? It’s been grillin’ weather. Fun pics and I wouldn’t have gotten any of them if I had tried.

    • Thanks, Becky! I think you sell yourself short, though! 🙂

      Hell to the YEAH! 🙂 Grilled pizza on Sunday, cheese burgers yesterday and maple bourbon steak tips today. Sitting out on the pool deck at 7:00 pm with the temps still in the 70’s? In March?? Priceless! 🙂

  4. Although I did not participate in the fun – this was very inspiring to see – I want to exercise more in seeing the details of everyday things. Something you here demonstrate great ability in! With very creative and wonderful abstracts as results.

    • You were there in spirit, Truels! 🙂

      Thank you! Your comment is very kind. Abstracts are something I struggle with as I tend to see things very literally. It took awhile for my brain to relax and allow the abtracts to come through. I suppose if I tried more often it would become easier? Hmmm…

  5. That is a very nice collection of abstracts, I like ‘Fissure’ most because of the high contrast look it has. Getting a few of these shots is definitely going on my to-do-list. I’ve always been a fan of abstracts, enchanted with the various textures and patterns that it allows us to capture.

    • Thank you very much, Ajay! It was fun to delve into something that I don’t normalyy do and I think now I am inclined to do some more!

  6. Once again I was WAY off!
    Oh well… still had a ton of fun guessing how you created these pumped up kicks, er I mean pics!

    • Ha! Yeah, well, I don’t think I would have done much better if I didn’t know what they were! 🙂

      Thanks, Sig! 🙂

  7. Yep, I’d have been way off on most of my guesses. The only I came close to getting correct was the sunflower although I was puzzled as to the texture and didn’t realize it was not a natural sunflower. I thought maybe a dried one. Well done! 🙂

    • Thank you, Robin! I like games like this…trying to guess what something is when it is soooo taken out of context. Not that I made it easy for you guys… 😉

  8. Neat idea – I liked seeing how you created your abstract images.

    • Thank you, Karma!

      Isn’t it amazing to see what they are? I love stuff like this! This assignment really sparked something for me. I had fun! 🙂

  9. Great series of images, I really like these. I didn’t see the earlier post to try to guess, but I think I wouldn’t have even come close.

    • Thank you, Mark! So glad you liked them!

      Yeah, I didn’t make this easy, now did I? 😉

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