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When I was a child, my dad was a giant to me. At a height of 6 feet, he stood a whole foot taller than my mom making him seem larger than life. His hugs would completely engulf you and once captured, you weren’t safe from a barrage of kisses! Yes, my dad loves his kids, and me being the youngest girl, I think I got more hugs and kisses than the rest. Lucky me. 🙂  

I’ve inherited many things from my dad (height not being one of them). My sweet tooth (yeah, my thighs thank him for that), the ease at which I make friends, the ability to drum up a conversation with a complete stranger (a trait of his that used to annoy the hell outta me as a kid), a non-judgemental attitude towards life, a love of the outdoors (especially water) and an almost extreme persistance (okay, stubbornness) when it comes to wanting to know how things work. But, above all, he gave me the propensity for all around ‘nice-ness’. If nothing else, my dad is a nice guy. I don’t think he knows any other way to be.  

"Daddy Longlegs" (Harvestman Arachnid) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/8, 1/40s, -0.7EV, ISO 1000

Living a distance away, I don’t get to see my dad very often. But, even just talking on the phone, I can feel the warmth of his hugs as he says (again) how so very proud he is of me. I can’t tell you how many times that is exactly the kind a thing a daughter needs to hear.  

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! ♥ ♥

Today’s image is all about the background!  

When I first noticed this teeny-tiny spider, I was on the opposite side shooting in the direction of the bright sun, attempting to capture the threads of the web as they glistened like golden strands. They really were quite stunning but, try as I may, the background color and pattern was simply yucky no matter what angle or aperture setting I used. Sigh.

"Jultagi" (Green Garden Spider) Nikon D300, 105mm F/2.8G Macro, F/5, 1/320s, -0.7EV, ISO 640

So, I moved my setup to the other side to see if the background improved. To be honest, I really couldn’t tell as now the sun was over my shoulder making LCD viewing virtually impossible! All I could do at this point was shoot away and hope for the best.  

No idea where all these interesting colors are coming from but I am not one to question life’s little photographic surprises! I love how the web looks like some cosmic galaxy spinning in the background. Pretty darn cool, huh? 🙂

Even the spidersin Florida are colorful! 🙂

“Dream Weaver” (Yellow Jewelled Spider, Female, Gasteracantha minax aka Spiny Orb Weaver) Nikon D700, 105mm, F/5, 1/250s, -0.7EV, ISO 400

Life isn’t alwayscute and cuddly. 😉

“Me and My Shadow” (Nursery Web Spider) Nikon D300, 105mm macro, F/6.3, 1/1250s, -0.7EV, ISO 400

Now, I wouldn’t normally photograph a spider (Eeeek!) but this little arachnid suspended above its shadow caught my eye. (Didn’t hurt that I was in a “flowers-are-boring” sort of frame of mind).

After a quick Google search, I am glad to identify it as a harmless Nursery Web Spider (Phew!).

Here, it appears larger than life but in reality, it is merely 1.5″ long and was definitely more afraid of me than I of it since, after a few clicks, it retreated to the underside of the leaf.

No matter. I got what I came for!

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