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Went to the playground today to see what else I could capture for the Playground Series and lo and behold, someone appears to be looking out for me ‘cuz right there sitting in the grass under one of the basketball hoops is THE saddest looking ball simply begging to be photographed! 🙂

“Dead Ball” (Basketball with Hoop Shadow) Playground Series (#19), Nikon D300, 46mm, F.6.3, 1/640s, +0.7EV, ISO 200, ‘Old West’ Toning Action

Now really – how does one pass that up? 

I liked what was happening with the lines and the hoop’s shadow so I maneuvered the ball from the grass over to the court and placed a few strategic pieces of mulch underneath it to get the positioning just right.

Game, anyone?

Hoops was never my game as I’m, ahem, vertically challenged, but I know damn well how to shoot a basketball. (You learn alot as a highschool varsity cheerleader). 

Don’t believe me? Go ahead, challenge me to a game of H-O-R-S-E. 

C’mon, I double dog dare ya! 🙂

“In the Paint” (Basketball Hoop, Kimball-Haskell Park) Playground Series (#10), Nikon D300, 105mm, F/8, 1/500s, ISO 200, ‘Old West’ Toning Action

You just can’t beat the awesome patina on this outdoor backboard which more than qualified it for position #10 in the Playground Series‘.

See you on the court! 🙂

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