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"Not a Good Sign"

While the concept of the edible birdhouse is sound, it would appear the installation needs some work.

should have realized the beginning of the end when I woke up yesterday morning and saw this:

(Apologies for the poor focus quality of this image as it was shot with a long lens through a not-so-clean window).

Nervously, I watched the grey squirrels for quite some time throughout the day and though they were able to access the pinecones, they appeared to be completely baffled as to how to get to the birdhouses. 

Relief! 🙂

"Chickadee... Check!"

I even felt a surge of hope when I witnessed a visit by an actual bird!

Yippee! 😀

(Again, apologies…long lens, dirty window = blurry-ish image).

After this shot was taken, I moved the camera to our sunroom where I could shoot more clearly. However, not much activity at the houses by either fur or fowl occurred during the rest of the day so I let things be and resumed my regular daily activities.

Fast forward to this morning.


The ‘Fruit & Nut Villa’ was now on the ground and being fought over by several grey squirrels while another was up high feasting upon what I now call the ‘Appetizer’. 😉

See that dangling string on the right? Yep, that is where the villa proudly once hung. Upon closer inspection, the small eye hook was still attached to the string so it clearly wasn’t strong enough to withstand the weight of a plump grey hurling itself onto the roof. The house must have dropped like a hot potato.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for the ‘Skylight Villa’ and ‘Sweetheart Cottage’ to meet the same fate.

"Main Course"

While some of you might have erupted in anger over such an outcome, I found it quite comical to watch the squirrels devour the houses. They really are persistent little beasts! I do take some satisfaction, however, in imagining them now, back at their nests, holding their full tummies and moaning like a group of middle-aged men after an indulgent night of pizza, wings and beer. 😉

When it was all over, each house looked like this:

"Picked Clean"

So, it is back to the drawing board. I already have a new batch of edible glue prepared and ready to go. The houses can be reused (they clean up easily with some hot water and a scrub brush) so another attempt is forthcoming. I simply under-estimated my critters and made it way too easy for them. Yes, they may have won the first battle but what they don’t know is I’m in it for the long haul and it’s time to put my engineering degree to good use.

I just hope they don’t start calling me Wile E. Coyote… 😉

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