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Our unseasonably warm temperatures appear to be waking the insect world! 

“A Little Red On Winter White” (Ladybug on Capped Drinking Fountain) Nikon D300, 95mm, F/5.3, 1/800s, +0.3EV, ISO 200

I found this little ladybug soaking up the warmth of the noon sun at a quaint park I visited to photograph old equipment for the ‘Playground Series’

After ourvery long winter, she is a most welcome sight! 🙂

Last night’s storm was fierce! The winds were pretty scary at times (gusting up to 67 mph!) and driving around today, I saw considerable damage to property, power lines, trees, fences and signs. Tree crews are working all over the city to clean up the damage. It’s a mess out there! 

In addition to wind damage, there is flooding everywhere. (Sump pumps are working overtime, for sure). At one house, their front lawn looked like a pond! And, yes, if ducks had been swimming in it, I wouldhave taken a photo. 🙂 

“Drain-O” (Water Drain in Stone Wall, Lynch Park) Nikon D300, 70mm, F/10, 1/60s, ISO 250

Not wanting to deal with all the mayhem, I headed over to Lynch Park to watch the waves. And watch was pretty much all I could do as the rough surf and wind made it too treacherous for me to attempt any real photography. Shame, the waves were incredible. 

So, I continued to walk around the park and came upon a drain in a stone wall that usually puts out little more than a trickle. 

Not today… 🙂

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