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Today’s ponderings were inspired by this post over at A Half Hour a Day.

It got me thinking, “Hmmm, what are our words?”

“Shine On Me” (Cranesbill, Hardy Geranium ‘Bevan’s Variety’) Nikon D300, VR 105mm F/2.8G, F/8, 1/160s, -1.0EV, ISO 200, Built-in Rear-Curtain Slow i-TTL Flash w/Gary Fong “Puffer” Diffuser, -1.0EV

In this house…

Dust is rampant

We are forgetful

Critters come first

We eat with our hands

We are friendly and kind, generous and loyal

We dance and sing (poorly)

We laugh often (and loudly)

We converse with the cat

We sweat, fart and belch

Laundry piles up, floors get dirty

We get cranky for no reason

We are sarcastic

We give kisses and hugs freely

We share the good and the bad

We are flawed

We take things for granted

We say we’re sorry

We forgive

We try to do better than “fine”

We do happy

We do love

We do forever.

What are your words?

Some images are fine on their own. Others? Well, they need a little help. Take this lovely red ivy geranium, for instance. Overall, I was pleased with the shot of the flowers, but wasn’t so thrilled with the background. Sooooo, I decided to play a little with filters in my “digital darkroom”.

Red Velvet

"Red Velvet" (Ivy Geranium) Nikon D300, 70mm, F/4, 1/1600s, -0.7EV, ISO 400

Using the Antique Plate filter from Nik Silver Efex Pro, I was able to mute the tones and add a soft vignette all in one shot. However, now the entire image was monochromatic (not the look I was going for). Therefore, I then needed to pull the vibrant red color of the geranium blossoms back to the forefront.

Bingo! With just a few keystrokes (and a nice software package 🙂 ), I achieved the artistic look I wanted. Yay!

It appears I’m still playing with my crayons! Wasn’t intentionally trying to find more instances of red, yellow and blue (well, perhaps here we are leaning a bit more towards violet) but, here ya go.

It was another dark, cold, rainy, miserable day in the Garden City. Yet, despite the downpours, some flowers still prevail!

Take this girl for instance…Cranesbill ‘Rozanne’…

“Rozanne” (Cranesbill ‘Rozanne’, aka Hardy Geranium) Nikon D300, 200-400mm, 350mm, F/10, 1/250s, -0.7EV, ISO 400, SB900 w/Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud

Not the showiest flower in the garden by any means. Most often it is overlooked because it is rather small and low to the ground, wandering amongst the rocks near our pool. She was just about the only thing not looking pathetically waterlogged, which is why she caught my attention. Had to work quickly as I knew the reprieve from the rain wouldn’t last long. (And, it didn’t).

Hmmm, I guess now I’ll have to keep an eye out for a red flower with blue and yellow in the background!

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