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Note to Pinterst pinners:

If you’ve arrived at this page due to an e-mail from Pinterest, please know that I feel just awful about having to so abruptly remove this image from your pin board. Due to my recent discovery of major theft of my images online, I’ve had to take steps to protect my work. I started to add a personal comment on each pin of this image but Pinterest saw this as “spam” and blocked my polite attempts to clean up this issue. Please go here and read the Pinterest update at the bottom of the page for explanation and instructions. Thank you!


This is the question I was asking when I spotted this unusual plant in my neighbor’s garden! The bright orange color drew me over to the side of their garage to investigate further.

“Hozuki” (Strawberry Groundcherry aka “Chinese Lantern Plant”) Nikon D300, 105mm macro, F/16, 1/60s, -0.7EV, ISO 500

Turns out, this is an ornamental plant called “Physalis alkekengi” or “Chinese Lantern Plant”, which, from what I read, can become quite invasive. The flowers are considered insignificant as this plant is grown for the fruit, which is covered by a bright orange, paper-like covering. The shape and texture is amazing!

My original image (as shot) was ho-hum so I added a Nik filter called “Midnight” which provided the depth and drama I was seeking. The obvious name for this image would have been “Chinese Lantern”, but I already have an image with that name in my portfolio. Soooo, I decided to use the Japanese word for this plant instead. The Hozuki Ichi, or Ground Cherry Fair, is held on July 9th and 10th every year at Sensoji Temple, located in the renowned Asakusa district in Tokyo. It is said that women who pray to Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy, and buy these plants on July 10th will be blessed with children.

See? You can learn something new every day! 🙂

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